PA Football News Store Scoreboard

Football Equipment for Sale/Wanted and would like to help your team sell or find used equipment. To place an ad or inquire about equipment for sale listed please email . We will assist you in completing the transaction.  We do ask for a 10% donation ($35 minimum) which will be used to help increase and better our coverage of high school football throughout Pennsylvania. 



Some High School has a jugs machine for sale. We are asking $1000. It’s in good shape. We got a new one


Charleroi (District 7) is looking for a tackling dummy something like the picture to the left. They are also looking for an end zone camera system. If you have any of these items you would like to sell, please contact


Imani Christian is looking for any football equipment donation. They are in need of any and all old, unused equipment like Girdles, pads, mouth pieces , helmets. please contact



North Allegheny (D7, Pittsburgh) has the following items for sale:



SkyCoach live in-game sideline system. We will sell the operating system to anyone interested. All they have to do is purchase the software [season pass] from Skycoach.
a. Features:
i. Unlimited iOS Cameras
ii. Unlimited Cloud Access- multiple sideline systems
iii. Internet Kit Provided
iv. 1 Existing Camera Kit Provided
v. 24×7 Phone Support during Season
vi. The cost for this with a season pass is $1900
vii. We will sell the operating system for $1000…software is around $500 (I THINK)… [save $400]…it is a year old.


a. We have an extra hook up. We can run 4-5 coaches in the booth and 6 on the sideline
b. 3 years old and reconditioned every year. Great Condition.
c. Negotiate the price- Our purchase cost is over $8,000

please contact