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Belle Vernon finds the Pot of Gold, Improves to 6-0

Written by: on Saturday, October 10th, 2015



Ringgold got the ball to start the game. On a screen play George Martin throws to Chacar Berry he fumbles it and Belle Vernon recovers. After 2 Durigon carries to the 1, he gets in from there to make it 7-0 Leopards with 10:24 in the first quarter. Eventually Ringgold faces third and 2 and Berry picks it up on a run. After 2 incompletions it’s 3rd & 10 and a third pass is incomplete. The next drive Mike Fine finds Noah Bukowski to the Rams 49. On 4th and inches they go for it and Fine picks it up on a run down to the 31. Eventually they face 3rd and 11 and Fine is intercepted by Dalton Holt. After several penalties and runs, Martin connects with Jordan Briscoe at the Belle Vernon 45. Martin then runs it all the way down to the 9. The next play Martin throws a touchdown but a hold brings it back and the quarter ends.

The second quarter begins and on the second play Berry scores on a 1 yard touchdown run, they go for 2 and fail to make it 7-6 Leopards with 11:16 in the second quarter. On the following drive Leopards face a 3rd & 2 and Fine picks it up on a run to their own 44. On 3rd & 8, Fine connects with Philip Taylor down to the Rams 38. On a 3rd down Fine runs it to make it 4th and 1 and an encroachment penalty moves the chains. After a penalty and a bad snap, that spoils the drive and they’re forced to punt. On the next drive Berry gets to the 29 on one play. Later on 3rd & 5 Berry is just short of picking up a first down and they punt the ball away. After multiple run plays the Leopards are at their own 46, but after that they punt it away. From there the Rams run the clock out, and at the half Belle Vernon leads 7-6.

The third quarter begins with the Leopards getting the ball first, but they go 3 and out and punt the ball away. On a pass play Martin finds Holt close to midfield, on the following play Brenden Small runs it to the Leopards 39. After a few plays George Martin is intercepted by Jake Powell after a personal foul they start at the 6. On the next play Durigon runs and a Personal Foul on the Rams gets it to the 23. After several plays Leopards face 3rd & 8 and a pass is incomplete, and they punt it away. The next drive Rams do nothing with the ball and they punt it back again. After a few plays and a couple penalties Mike Fine is intercepted by Dave Carpenter and he runs it to the 5. On the next play George Martin scores on a 5 yard run, and another 2 point conversion fails and the score is 12-7 Ringgold with 35 seconds left in the quarter.

The fourth quarter begins and a hold and a Martin sack it is 3rd and 31. Martin finds Small to the 19 but is way short of the first down. On the next play a major momentum shift occurs when Belle Vernon blocks the punt and they have the ball at the Rams 8. On 3rd and Goal, Fine finds the end zone for a 4 yard touchdown, the 2 point conversion fails but Belle Vernon has the lead with 5:42 left and the score is 13-12. After a false start and negative run and an incompletion it is 3rd and 19 and they punt it away. From there the Rams wouldn’t see the ball again and the Leopards run the clock out to hold on for a 13-12 victory.

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