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WPIAL Star, “Pryor” to College

Written by: on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008


Many said that he would struggle in College after playing only “AA” football in high school, I have one question for the many that said that.

What do you think of Terrelle Pryor now?

Pryor, the former Jeannette and WPIAL standout who put on a show every time he touched the field is doing the same thing, just at The Ohio State University. Terrell took the job of redshirt senior Todd Boeckman, after Bockman had not played well in the first few games of the season. Now the once Jeannette star is in the national spotlight….again.

Hey, look at the pattern. Pennsylvania, has turned out some not to shabby quarterbacks. The likes of Montana, Namath, Unitas, Marino,  Jim Kelly, and Rich Gannon. All from the Keystone state.

Will Terrelle Pryor be added to that list, that maybe to soon to tell…but he is on the right path.

Pryor hasn’t done to bad for the Buckeyes, rushing for 411 yards on 88 attempts which is only second to Chris Wells who has 619 yards on 102 attempts. Terrelle is 59 of 90 and  has passed 653 yards and  6 touchdowns with only 2 ints.

Ohio State has out scored teams 215-107 this season, and coming in to the blockbuster showdown has the Buckeyes welcome in the #3 Lions of Penn State. I did say welcome, after all the Lions are 0-7 at Ohio State since coming into the Big Ten. In fact Penn State hasn’t won in the good-old horseshoe in 30 years.

Art Schlichter, Ohio State’s true freshman quarterback, tossed five interceptions as coach Woody Hayes’ Buckeyes bowed to Joe Paterno and the Lions, 19-0, in 1978.

Now fast forward back to 2008, Ohio State current quarterback is Terrelle Pryor, the first true freshman to start at quarterback since Schlichter.

So are you willing to take the odds?

Will Terrelle Pryor take down Penn State, who is picked to go to the National Title if the Lions could win their first in Columbus in 30 years? Or will the Lions be the first team since 12/16/06 (loss in State Championship) to tame Pryor?

That question and so many more will be answered under the lights Saturday night, in Columbus.

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