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Written by: on Sunday, February 16th, 2014


Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the official blog on high school football for the 2014 season.

During the off-season let’s talk about players, recruiting news, teams and everything about high school football.

During the season each week let’s talk about match-ups and how teams did. Let us know what player(s) stood out each week.

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134 Responses to “2014 Football Forum”

  1. Darrin says:

    Happy New Year to all my fellow posters East & West! Regardless of whom we support we are very lucky! Some states may have more schools n classes, but they do not have the close following and intimate towns that you have in PA! Best HS Fball state in the country! David Mika absolutely wonderful site you have, Billy Splain you do a wonderful job with your reporting and rankings as well! Great job to all who take time from their day to post on East & West sites! Lets have a great year in 2015!!

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  3. David Mika says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  4. Phil says:

    Have to agree with Darrin’s and Billy’s sentiments about Hershey. All 4 games were competitive into the fourth quarter! Also, I was impressed with S. Fayette and Archbishop Wood. For me, I had a few other highlights for the year too. Saw Bishop Guilfoyle the first week dismantle Richland and was telling people that the Marauders were a legitimate threat to meet Clairton in the state finals. Saw Clarion beat Redbank Valley 58-46 in a game that saw Jake Dougherty of RBV become the first PA QB to throw for over 600 yards in a game, and Clarion’s Ian Corbett ran for almost 400 yards. Two guys account for 1,000 yards in one game! Saw what might have been the most thrilling game I attended when Conneaut beat DuBois 36-35 in OT on a 2 pt. conversion. BG’s win 28-21 over S. Williamsport in the Class A semis was a classic also. One other note: Travelled to Lucas Oil stadium to see the Indiana state championships and witnessed New Palestine win the Class 4-A game 77-42 where almost all state final offensive records were broken in any class. Also saw a Max Prep top 20 team (Carmel) lose to a team they beat in the regular season by 24 points (Ben Davis).

  5. Darrin says:

    I agree w Billy Splain, awesome title weekend in Hershey! Definately my pick as all around best four games. If I have to pick an additional highlight, it would have to be South Fayette systematically picking apart Alliquippa at Heinz Field in WPIAL Champ game. In my opinion SF is one of the top 3 overall TEAMS I have had pleasure to watch. Play as a group so well, as precise and disciplined as can be. No huge D1 talents (Brumbaugh 1AA), Awesome Coach (Joe Rossi), 32 game win streak! I hope this team is remembered for how great they were, shredding Alliquippa twice and blowing Imhotep off the field. Both of those teams had plenty of big name D1 Talent& were “supposed” to beat the overmatched SF Team!!

  6. Billy Splain says:

    Dave, I got to cover the most exciting playoff/hershey games I’ve ever done. Expanding the western site and meeting new people was great. This years group of 4 title games was the best I’ve ever seen. Too many moments to name.

  7. me888 says:

    Witnessing Conneaut over Cathedral Prep in person. Very exciting. Expected CP to mercy rule them, and probably would have on dry turf, but the suspense and excitement just kept building as the game stayed close. Being neutral going in, me found meself kinda siding with Conneaut in the waning moments. That’s why they keep playing the games, and that’s why me keeps going!!! 😉

  8. David Mika Jr. says:

    So it’s time to reflect on the best moments from the 2014 high school football. What is yours?

  9. Darrin says:

    I really dont think that you can make an argument that if a district allows out of district transfers it is the same as a catholic school without boundries who may or may not recruit. I do not do the public vs private debate because it is absolutely senseless, it does not take a debate to see what is what. They are not violating the law so it is what it is. But because you can pay to attend a different district, because it is allowed is in know way the same as being actively recruited! Just my opinion, but the rules are what they are. They are not changing anytime soon, thats the biggest reason I do not do this debate. Nothing will be changing so I focus on something else and congratulate all teams who made it to Hershey!

  10. Deo says:

    @ Phillyboy,

    You are aware that both Pine-Richland & Central Valley both have a policy where they accept out of district students…

  11. phillyboy says:

    @ Deo

    Yeah, I DO think if a kid transferred into CV it would be different because he would have had to move into the district. Notwithstanding that though, the bigger issue in my opinion is the idea of transferring right before senior year to a reigning state champ in order to pick up a state title. It’s cheesy; by rights A. Wood should not have had that excellent fullback. Having that extra dimension has repercussions on the game. They were already pretty well stacked anyway, it becomes an embarrassment of riches.

    In regards to Prep coach inviting DiNucci to visit some time, that’s a real nice story.

  12. dc says:

    Clairton players (not all) stamped a negative label on the program that people will remember for awhile….it showed what litle respect they have for their school’s pride…..they were frontrunners all year, found themselves with their backs to the wall and couldn’t handle the result…..being upset with losing is certainly understandable, acting immature and disrespecting the game should not be tolerated…….hopefully, the Clairton coach/administration will take some sort of constructive action…..this tradition-rich program is too good to be embarrassed like that

  13. Deo says:

    The way I see it Prep was a little better defensively, run blocking & team speed…a lot better in the running back department but Pine-Richland had a way better QB by far…in fact DiNucci was the best player on that field last night! So glad he is playing college in Philly…he’s a special player! SJP coach told him to stop by SJP anytime since he will be in the neighborhood.

  14. me888 says:

    Does anyone still think Central Valley would beat Pine Richland?

  15. Deo says:

    @ Phillyboy

    Are you saying that if someone wanted to transfer into Central Valley it would be any different than the FB from Bensalem transferring into Wood?

  16. phillyboy says:

    Ah well, Wood had too much power overall. Didn’t look good when they came out and scored on the first possession in 4 plays, averaging 15-20 yards per play, was like ‘yikes’.

    Football can be very sophisticated with west coast, spread option, and wildcat offenses etc. but put simply it’s a matter of: stopping them and not being stopped.

    Btw, think the PIAA should make stricter transfer rules. Wood’s excellent fullback, who was the thunder to the tailback’s lightning, was a senior transfer at the beginning of this year from Bensalem HS. Who knows, that alone could have contributed to the difference. Anyway, hope PR brings it tonight.

  17. Glenn says:

    CV gave it a good run, but Wood had just to much power. If the pass isnt dropped in end zone in 2nd qtr it changes whole complexion of the game. CV would have been able to run entire offense when they got ball with 5:50 left in the 4th. Hope todays games are close. As far as I’m concerned high school football is the best football you can watch!

  18. Deo says:

    Clariton walked onto to the field with no class so it would figure they would walk off the same way…classless losers!

  19. Glenn says:

    Knew if an officiating crew called the game down the line that who ever Clairton played in Hershey would have a chance. Bet Coach Roth at Southern Columbia wishes this crew had officiated when Southern played Clairton, Bishop McCort to. Oh, Clairton reacted to losing with about as much class as I thought they would.

  20. Darrin says:

    @Billy Splain
    Will see you their! Headed out after a half day in the office!

  21. Billy Splain says:

    Well, here we go! Title week is here. Hope to see you all in Hershey, call me out if you see me..I’ll probably be wearing my WPA jacket

  22. Darrin says:

    Nice seein u here on the Western! As I sd b4 regardless of outcome SJP will b in for a diffrent opponent than ’13 Pgh C.C. P-R can do both run n pass, not like Central who wd not really use their D1 qb other than wen everyone knew they had to pass. If somebody can beat A. Wood its CV, they r very complete team in every sense. The thing w P-R is that their D is very highly underrated, the MLB Lieberman is just a fine fball player who plays the position like ur supposed to, just like the DE from CV #7 Preston Johnson!! Watch those two @phillyboy, they wont disappoint! U def know ur PA HS Fball philly, great reference to the great Hopewell team. I know how u feel bout the privates from out East, I think that CV is as good a public school as the mighty A. Wood team cd face. U kno

  23. Darrin says:

    Nice seein u here on the Western! As I sd b4 regardless of outcome SJP will b in for a diffrent opponent than ’13 Pgh C.C. P-R can do both run n pass, not like Central who wd not really use their D1 qb other than wen everyone knew they had to pass. If somebody can beat A. Wood its CV, they r very complete team in every sense. The thing w P-R is that their D is very highly underrated, the MLB Lieberman is just a fine fball player who plays the position like ur supposed to, just like the DE from CV #7 Preston Johnson!! Watch those two @phillyboy, they wont disappoint!

  24. phillyboy says:

    Look forward to the Pine Richland/St. Joe Prep game. I went to the Prep/Pennsbury game and I kind of expected that outcome. Pennsbury is the epitome of a one trick pony. All they do is run the ball. They were like the ’02 Hopewell team. Pennsbury was very good at running but problem is that once they meet a well rounded, very talented team weaknesses can be exposed. Plus, at one stretch in the 2nd quarter Pennsbury coughed up the ball on 3 consecutive possessions, which led to Prep TDs, effectively ending the game. A couple things give me hope that PR can pull out a W: from what I gather they have a pretty high powered offense that throws the ball, and also the fact that Parkland almost beat the Prep, losing the game on a last minute TD. I’ve been listening to some of the games on and sounds like PR and CV got excellent talent and character teams. Here’s hoping they bring it. Although I’m from Philly I root for the public teams.

  25. Darrin says:

    @ Phil
    I am thinkin the same as @kmac, should prob be as everyone thinks. Clairton is just to fast and athletic for BG, its to hard to prepare for them cause u cant simulate that speed in practice. When its game time its to late, South Fayette is so well coached and precise. Not to mention they hav big game experience, 31 game win streak. I love Central Valley but they are facing a machine in A. Wood, but if anyone can do it, CV would be the team. Just dont think it will happen. In 4A I am not sure Pine-Richland is built to handle St. Joes, but they can put points up in a hurry& have a tremendously underrated D! So I think the WPIAL takes it in A & AA. But thats why we play the game, nobody ever saw SF dismantling Imhotep last yr, at times making it look easy! I am a WPIAL guy thru n thru & that shocked me w the ease they handled the heavily favored Imhotep, game was never in doubt start to finish! So who will be the ’13 SF team? If we dont hav an upset like that I think all games go as expected!

  26. Kmac says:


    As an Eastern guy I do not know the Western teams well enough to feel accurate, but I think the edge is as pretty much written, West in 1A and 2A and East in 3A and 4A. St Joes Prep and Wood are loaded with talent, are deep, experienced, and multi-dimensional. Their lines on both side of the ball are tremendous. They are both defending state titles. I see them as a massive challenge for the west; but the games must be played!

  27. Phil says:

    Appreciate any comments on states this week. Will there be any surprises? Can Guilfoyle stay with the very athletic Clairton team? Can C.V. derail the freight train known as Archbishop Wood? Can Dunmore even keep up with South Fayette? Will Pine Richland find a way to beat a powerful St. Joes Prep?

  28. Billy Splain says:

    thanks for following along…JW is a beast as advertised

  29. Jim says:

    Congrats to BG in winning what sounded like a great game with SW. Whatever happens in Hershey, the A champ will be from Western PA.

  30. Darrin says:

    I apologize did not mean to assume A. Wood won already ( previous post ) got a ton of respect for the crew from Somerset! But that wd be a huge upset to pull off. @ Billy Splain good job from CV vs McD. I followed u all nt. Heard Jordan Whitehead was as advertised, a beast! Thats a quality team in Central Valley, really like the DE #7 Preston Johnson @ Pitt offer that kid a scholarship please!!

  31. Darrin says:

    That Matthews kid for Clairton is something special. If Pitt could land all the Clairton kids they offered, w Jordan Whitehead CV, future cd be bright for them. Matthews is 6’5 but runs like a Rb. That kid looked great runnin the ball on Jet Sweeps 2nt, had to have well over a hundred to go with the 3 Td’s!

  32. Darrin says:

    District 7 did do well 2nt.! I heard C.V. Vs B. Mc. did not disappoint, back and forth action all nt. Clairton Vs Sharpsville was not as close the 54-18 score, but good fball. A. Wood vs CV should be awesome as well as Clairton vs Bishop Guilfoyle in Hershey!

  33. Kmac says:

    Interesting possiblity, if Somerset could knock off Archbishop Wood and the remainiing two D7 teams win, there could be 6 of 8 teams actually from the west in this years finals! Of course D6 or D5 final wins in this case would count for the east.

  34. Colin says:


    D7 did pretty well tonite. maybe they can finish strong tomorrow. McDeviit/CV looked like it was a good one.

  35. Darrin says:

    NICE! Gotta represent!!

  36. me888 says:


    me born and raised within 3 miles of old PITT stadium (HS in Pgh), but have been living in D-10 since college. me usually catch 3 or 4 D-7 games per year (almost exclusively AAAA), and then almost every big game in D-10 involving Prep, McDowell, and General McLane. Very familiar with D-7, particularly AAAA/AAA. me get up and down I-79 almost as much as some truckers. Get to an occasional AA playoff game, when weather or distance become factors. Have a number of good friends in the coaching ranks (football and bball). Particlarly get a number of phone calls for info when D-7 v D-10 games happen.

  37. Darrin says:

    I will be at SRU for the SF vs Hickory game as well. Actually I think this is going to be a nice game. Hickory by far was the toughest match up for SF in this 30 game win streak! This game is a little under the radar cause of some of the bigger games on tap! Hopefully we get a good one here, either way we see the “new” PIAA passing record barring an unforseen injury(Brumbaugh needs 104). me888 how the game evolves, Dan Kendra Sr. Set the record in 71-73 at Allentown C.C. w 5003 yards, huge totals at time, way b4 my time but it was looked at as a record that wd stand for some time, now the records are doubled n get broken 3 times in two or three years! Got that little bit from a George Guido article, a writer who covers alot of WPIAL teams, not sure if ur familiar or close to area.

  38. Billy Splain says:

    ok,…IFF I could only choose one Phil and I would be covering the BG/SW game together..that’s probably the most interesting game this weekend

  39. me888 says:


    As Darrin stated (ie…job/travel), ideally CV v McD. Most likely SF v Hickory is where me be!

  40. Darrin says:

    If it were a perfect world w no job and travel, Central Valley vs Bishop Mcdevitt! Two awesome RB’s & teams! Have a feeling this could be an excellent game. But seeing as North Allegheny for Clairton vs Sharpsville is just up the road, thats where I will be! But Clairton is always fun to watch, alot of scoring and big time hitting! Saturday I am at SRU for SF vs Hickory & the latest PIAA passing record to fall.

  41. Billy Splain says:

    the one I’m at!

  42. Phil says:

    Hey out there, if you could only attend one of the eight semi-final games this week, which one would it be?

  43. Colin says:

    I hope it doesnt rain. cant control the weather but id hat to see a game of this magnitude altered by mother nature. But it is what it is. Both teams are playing in the same rain 🙂

  44. Darrin says:

    Those are great picks. I think South Fayette & Clairton are really only two frontrunners! Flip a coin in AAA&AAAA, so much talent and Variables! As I say variables their is supposed to be some heavy rain Fri.-Sat. cd def have an influence on certain styles! Just a thought, I always adjust a little for it when im game planning!

  45. Darrin says:

    @David Mika
    Thanks David, Coaching is my 1st passion and watching Hs Fball/ Talking about it a close 2nd!

  46. Colin says:


    In A itll be hard to pick against Clairton so ill take them from the west. BG/SW is intriguing. The Bragalone kid is one fine RB and the BG defense is stingy. Ill flip a coin and go with SW.

    In AA, Ill go SF vs WYO. Wyo has a couple of guys hurt but I think they will grind out a win over Dunmore.

    AAA..I think the clock stikes midnight for Somerset. As much as I like the story I just cant see them beating Wood. Their win over BEth Cath was a good one but Wood is a whole other story. Mcdevitt/CV will be a classic. CV running back is a total stud. But the kid from Mcd is nothing to sneeze at. My head says take Mcdevitt but im gonna go with CV.

    4A is a grab bag. I think you can have any combo of teams in the final. Some wont agree but the east final is this simple. IF prep stops Chuck Snorweah of Pennsbury they win. If they don’t they lose. Wilson/PR is a nice tilt. Big O vs great D. My gut tells me Wilson vs Prep.

  47. David Mika says:

    @Darrin. Great job on both sites.

  48. Billy Splain says:

    Colin, we didn’t cover that game last year so we have nothing on it. We do have a reporter at the clairton game this weekend..AJ is covering for us. He does a great job and will have his usual write up for us

  49. Darrin says:

    Colin I would love to hear some of your picks to play for the title in Hershey! As we discussed b4 it seldom shakes as the rankings say it should, but I am interested in your thoughts!

  50. Darrin says:

    Thanks Colin, i knew it was a rematch but was not sure if they were basically the same team as SF is. But actually they hav given SF the best game of this 30 game win streak! I really respect SF, & think you wd too Colin. Other than Brumbaugh the QB, they r without “stars” ie: D1 talent. They r very well coached and play hard!

  51. Colin says:


    This is a rematch of last years western 2A final. South Fayette was a 23-20 victor. It seemed that Hickory got off to a slow start this year but are again in the western final. I really don’t know how this years team compares to lasts. Im not sure if its still in the archives but maybe Billy can pull up the report from last years game.

  52. Darrin says:

    What is the Hickory team about? I do not know much about South Fayette’s opponent. Anybody got info on the Hornets??

  53. Darrin says:

    @Billy Splain sounds good, I will b at NA for Clairton & in Altoona Sat. Just started posting on Eastern side as well, be nice to catch Western up w it! I have noticed an increase in activity here, been spreading word to fellow coaches n HS Fball enthusiasts!

  54. Billy Splain says:

    I will be in Altoona friday and saturday….Phil is covering the SW/BG game and AJ has the Clairton game

  55. Darrin says:

    @Billy Splain who are you going to watch this weekend?

  56. Billy Splain says:

    Thanks Kmac…glad you’re paying attention and thanks from the Bleachercoaches site for going there. Doing the best we can to get the western site up there like the east site. Already put in a request to change the order of this forum

  57. Darrin says:

    @colin i completely agree it makes HS Fball what it is! I watched Somerset lose to Bishop Guilfoyle on film, would never thought they wd b around! Hey their is a few upsets that could go down, two great games in A this wk, Clairton vs. Sharpsville & S. Williamsport vs Bishop Guilfoyle! B real interesting to see who makes it to chocolate town! Colin, Sharpsville is exactly what u were talkin bout, hard nosed team who stuck w it n got hot at the rt time! Eventhough they hav to play Clairton it should be a great game!

  58. Kmac says:

    Billy Splain

    Great job with the site this season! I read all the western posts and very much enjoy the bleacher coaches forum. As about as eastern as you can get (I live on the Delaware River bank) I have not contributed, but you know me from Looks like you will have to reverse the posting order as on the eastern site to keep the scroller’s from wearing out! Again, great job!

  59. Colin says:


    I dont know much about Somerset. What I do know is that they went winless 2 seasons ago. I live near Allentown and the reporter from the local paper is calling them a “Hoosiers” type of team. I guess considering their lack of playoff history and recent winning tradition I guess you can consider them unlikely. But if you look at the playoff road they had to take some may not be that surprised. And I mean not an ounce of disrespect when I say that. I for one was not surprised to see them beat Bethlehem catholic. Beca is a good team and a lot of athletes but was very undisciplined all year. They were very lucky to get by Crestwood last week. A team like Somerset is why I love HS football. All year we tend to talk about the usual suspects when it comes to who may win a state title. But when a team that nobody gave a shot to is still standing at this point makes it that much better.

  60. Jim says:

    Is there a more unlikely semi-final team than Somerset? After playing a schedule of mostly A and AA teams, including being handled by an A team they find themselves up against the prohibitive favorite in AAA. Here’s hoping for an all Western final (Central Valley vs Sometset).

  61. Darrin says:

    @Billy Splain… Agreed!!

  62. Billy Splain says:

    wow, what a bizarre game that SC/PR game was…story in the morn

  63. Darrin says:

    Wats the story w Sharpsville Football? Do not know much about them, but I do hear they r very solid team. An inside source tells me the game will be at North Allegheny HS, not sure tho!

  64. Darrin says:

    Congrats @Clairton 52-24, @South Fayette & Central Valley! Representing District 7! Also id like to give credit to the kids from Berlin Brothersvalley, they played hard n played all game, def took advantage of Clairton looking past em. @#3 from Berlin great football player & athlete! Played hard nosed from start to finish!

  65. Darrin says:

    SF looking sharp from reports I am getting vs. karns City, 42-8 SF! Great team n great coaching! SF does not get enough credit, on a 30 game win streak! They repeatedly upset more “talented” teams, “alliquippa/Imhotep”!

  66. Darrin says:

    Hats off to Berlin kids fot playin tough! 30-17 Clairton.@halftime

  67. Darrin says:

    Congratulations to the Clairton Bears, Coach Wayne Wade, O.C. Shawn Liotta and all Clairton fans on breaking the PIAA scoring record!!! Clairton 30-7 early in 2qtr.!!

  68. Darrin says:

    Berlin has not seen speed n physicality like this in Dist.5! 16-0 Clairton scoring at will n displaying a decided advantage in speed!

  69. Darrin says:

    @Billy Splain , sounds good I will b at P-R vs. state College as well tomm.

  70. me888 says:

    me888 2014 W PA Final Rankings

    Pine-Richland (7) 13-0
    Pittsburgh Central Catholic (7) 11-2
    Central Valley (7) 13-0
    Penn Trafford (7) 11-1
    North Allegheny (7) 8-3
    West Allegheny (7) 11-2
    Woodland Hills (7) 8-3
    Cathedral Prep (10) 11-1
    McKeesport (7) 10-2
    Penn Hills (7) 7-3
    Thomas Jefferson (7) 11-1
    South Fayette (7) 13-0

  71. Billy Splain says:

    we have a reporter at the clairton game. I will cover the SC/PR game tomorrow and we also have coverage of the Tyrone game tomorrow night

  72. Darrin says:

    I will b at Clairton vs. berlin brothersvalley game tonight, where is anybody else heading to see? Some quality games out their!

  73. Darrin says:

    No worries Colin! Everybody feels strongly bout that one way or the other! Even guys on my own staff r split! Turkey day was well, hope yours was the same!

  74. Colin says:


    I’ve read your posts. Those are extremely admirable things that the coach does as far as keeping the kids on the straight and narrow. I grew up in phila. so I understand that what he is doing on that end is great work and he should be commended for it. I’m not sure I agree with trying to set a scoring record by the way they are doing it. If its a goal they set that’s cool. But running up the score to accomplish that goal makes that record worthless. I agree with you to a point that its not his job to stop his team. But this is HS football not the NFL. So 70-0 in the 3rd quarter does become the job of winning coach to call off the dogs some how some way. This kind of thing gets my dander up if you havnt noticed lol….i apologize to you if you were offended. I wasn’t trying to slam you. If it seemed that way again my apologies. Looking back on my post it could have been taken that way. Hope your turkey day was a great one

  75. Darrin says:

    I know their coach n the job he does w those at risk kids, he is a great role model for those at risk athletes! He sends kids to Major D1 programs regularly( Tyler Boyd )@Pitt etc. keeps those kids off those streets and holds em to higher standards in the classroom! Its jus the style they play, he is a very good guy & coach, knowing him through coaching & his reputation. We r not personal friends!

  76. Darrin says:

    @Colin I didnt say I agree with it or not! Just simply stated thats how they roll. They only have 22 kids, run an up tempo no huddle offense. If u read earlier posts of i said people either love it or hate it, the kids want to set a record that will stand a long time. Its not how I coach my team, but ive had it done to me in my early coaching years. Didnt bother me, because its my job to stop him, not his job to stop himself! Thats my view Colin!

  77. Colin says:


    If that’s what the Clairton coach is teaching his kids that’s extremely poor. No need to run it up on an overmatched team. Or any team for that matter. I’ve looked at some on their scores and there is no reason for that. It sounds like the coach thinks its all about him. Again if this is the was he goes about it then its pretty classless. Flies in the face of everything that should be taught to young men. Sorry dude.

  78. Darrin says:

    @nogin I agree with those picks you have made, only upset cd be CV over A. Wood, but that wd take a perfect game! Excited to take in 2 games this weekend, starting tomm nt at the Clairton game. I want to see the record set for points in a season! Breakin Jeanettes ’07 rec, need 27 points. They should do it in 1qtr. Remember love it or hate it Clairton never lets up on anyone regardless of score! Their motto- Nohuddle Nomercy! Records r made to be broke, but I see this one standing for a long long time! Takes a great team makin a great run, & a level of ruthlesness by the coach!

  79. Darrin says:

    As far as AA I think South Fayette repeats, its for the most part the same team that absolutely dismantled Imhotep last yr.! Imhotep was supposed to cruise through them n SF blew them off the field! SF has a tremendous Qb in Brett Brumbauagh, oddly they do not have any other big time players! The play so precise and fast, as well as being excellently coached! Joe Rossi is the best coach you have never heard of, used to coach in same confrence w him wen we were both at different schools. Great teacher of the game & he is excellent at developing talent!

  80. Darrin says:

    @pittboy Pine Richland does have a good shot, however Central Catholic did a great in finals against them! P-R benefited from 3huge game changing calls! P-R will hav a problem w team that has a great run game and plays very physical! I jus watched St. Joes last nt vs Ben Franklin, they are an incredibly well rounded team, i believe they would be a little to much for P-R in my opinion!

  81. Darrin says:

    Thanks Colin, I am a HS Coach in the wpial, an OC actually, so I see a great deal of these teams. Clairton is just so talented, 5 D1 kids! All their players have such great speed, they actually play extremely physical as well! Central Valley is a very complete team w Whitehead being their superstar! Id be very excited to see them play A. Wood. It would be an absolute great game, but I would have to go with A. Wood! Think they may be even more complete! Thats one fine team their, always are!

  82. Darrin says:

    thank You @Colin, I am a coach in the WPIAL and follow all football. especially after my team was eliminated in 2nd round. I know anything can happen, but Clairton will not b touched. Everyone sd that when Dunmore dropped down to A in 2012, it would be the end of the streak, game was not close, even with their huge O Line!! with 22 players, 5 of them have Legit D1 offers on table now. they will break PIAA scoring record in 1st qtr on fri.

  83. David Mika says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  84. Colin says:


    I hope this site takes off. Its nice to hear that Reid was not seriously injured. The injury looked pretty bad when I watched the game. If it were me I would hold him out. Even state playoffs are not worth taking a chance of making the injury worse. His future is too bright for that.

  85. Billy Splain says:

    Colin, it’s a start…we just really started pushing this site. Hopefully we can help it grow as large as our eastern site. As for SJP, Reid has a bone bruise and may not play this week…that bring SJP right back to the rest of the pack.

  86. pittboy says:

    Think CV and P-R have a great chance to win state gold.

  87. Colin says:


    The western game I have my eye on the most is CV/Conneaut. Anyone that can beat ECP has to be a contender. Think about the road Conneaut has to take to win a 3A title. Erie PRep, Central Valley, McDevitt and Wood. That’s some grade A beef os a schedule to navigate.

  88. nogin says:

    One brain’s outlook on the finals:
    Cl 48 BG 24
    SF 35 Wy 7
    Wood 42 CV 24
    SJ 32 P-R 28
    Sleepers in A SW, AA Montoursville,AAA B. McD AAAA none
    Of those, S. Williamsport and B. MCD could both win it all.

  89. Colin says:


    Like your enthusiasm. I wish more ppl would post on the western side. On easternpafootball the blog is much more lively.

    Clairton is certainly the favorite in A. However being taken to OT in the D7 semi means they can be beaten. Ive seen way to many crazy things happen in HS football to think differently. Back a few years ago West Catholic had an absolutely silly talented team and was the prohibitive favorite in AA and lost to Wilmington in the final. So anything can happen.

    In AA Wyomissing and Dunmore are pretty solid on the eastern side.

    In AAA it would be a surprise to see anyone else besides Wood in the final from the east.

    In AAAA St Joes Prep is the favorite from the east. Althought their best player suffered an injury on Saturday. Don’t know his status. Coatsville is very talented as well.

    One thing is for sure. Things probably wont go the way we all expect 🙂

  90. Darrin says:

    I think that Central Valley and Bishop Mcdevitt would be an awesome match up! I have seen CV several times & recently watched BM on film. Both have highly elite backs, going to pitt & penn state, w very good talent surrounding them. This is a game I really cant get a read on as far as a favorite, but believe this wd be a terrific game!! Any thoughts out their?

  91. Billy Splain says:

    thanks Darrin. I do have BBV ranked below Clairton. I agree with your assessment. They’re real good. I don’t do predictions, however, it does look like BG and Clairton are heading for a showdown. Thanks for the compliment on the site. Pass the word.

  92. Darrin says:

    This is a great site/forum! Just discovered it last nt. Very good info, rankings & stats!

  93. Darrin says:

    No disrespect @Billy Splain, I just saw your rankings. Berlin will pose absolutely no challenge to Clairton, they will actually have the PIAA scoring record by early in 2nd qtr! It will be a much worse than the 50+ point win in ’12. I am not a Clairton alumni, resident or booster, I just follow all HS Fball. As I said in an earlier post, watched several films on BBV. They do not have the speed or physicality to make that a game! That District appears to be very weak to me, if BBV is the top team in A! No disrespect@ Berlin, they only play who is on their schedule but they will fall by at least 50 points this Friday @ Elizabeth Forward HS, which by the way is 5mins from Clairton HS!

  94. Darrin says:

    In the South Fayette vs Karns City match up, I expect SF to win big. KC has a strong ground game, however SF has a great D. Their D completely stifled Alliquipa from start to finish for the 2nd yr in a row. I think you will see SF win by 5 td’s, their offense is so very potent! That coupled with the D causing 3& outs w KC run style O, you should see an offensive show.

  95. Darrin says:

    I believe that the Class A & AA State Champs are coming out of the wpial. However in the AAA & AAAA, that could be a different story. The Clairton team is unreal, in my opinion the best Clairton team assembled, thats saying something with their history. I have watched film on South Williamsport and Bishop Guilfoyle, as good as they are I do not see either team playing with Clairton. To much talent, 24 or so kids on roster with 5 legit D1 kids, their team motto is “No Huddle No Mercy”! They will throw the ball up by 50 in the 4th qtr., thats why it could be a very long day for Berlin Brothersvalley.

  96. Darrin says:

    Clairton is absolutely going to represent A in the West, Berlin is in for a long game. Clairton is chasing the points record set by the great Jeanette ’07 team, they need 27 points. They do not show mercy(at all) love it or hate it, its how they play. South Fayette is very strong coming out of the West as well, looked dominant at times vs perennial power and favorite Alliquipa for the second straight yr.! SF has a terrific QB who is 300yds. shy of PA passing record for yds in career, also have very under rated D. SF should win easily over Karns City! I will go with Clairton 62-0, South Fayette 42-6.

  97. Darrin says:

    Clairton is absolutely going to represent A in the West, Berlin is in for a long game. Clairton is chasing the points record set by the great Jeanette ’07 team, they need 27 points. They do not show mercy(at all) love it or hate it, its how they play. South Fayette is very strong coming out of the West as well, looked dominant at times vs perennial power and favorite Alliquipa for the second straight yr.! SF has a terrific QB who is 300yds. shy of PA passing record for yds in career, also have very under rated D. SF should win easily over Karns City!

  98. David Mika says:

    They are…Refresh your browser.

  99. Jim says:

    Why haven’t the AA playoff brackets been updated since week 1?

  100. Chuck says:

    One way to look at it.

  101. Billy Splain says:

    well chuck, that’s why they play the games. Don’t think many saw ECP losing. Other than that wasn’t too far off. When ranked teams play each other someone has to lose.

  102. Billy Splain says:

    will be releasing my new rankings this eve

  103. Chuck says:

    Your big school rankings were obviously off the Mark based on the most recent games.

  104. pittboy says:

    Had a feeling Penn-Trafford was going to get run over by PCC. PT had a nice team but you could sense they were a bit of a paper tiger.

    I stand by my earlier prediction: Pine-Richland grinds out AAAA gold and W. Allegheny avenges their loss to Central Valley.

  105. me888 says:

    me888 2014 Rankings (Going in and out of Week 12)

    Pine-Richland (7) 12-0
    Pittsburgh Central Catholic (7) 11-1
    Central Valley (7) 12-0
    Penn Trafford (7) 11-1
    West Allegheny (7) 11-1
    North Allegheny (7) 8-3
    Woodland Hills (7) 8-3
    Cathedral Prep (10) 11-1
    McKeesport (7) 10-2
    Penn Hills (7) 7-3
    Thomas Jefferson (7) 11-1

    Conneaut – was a huge surprise. Saw that one in person. Would still not have in TOP 10 or so.

    DuBois – very familiar with (not in before this week).

    Somerset – completely unfamiliar with. (Would figure to be on the outside looking in though).

  106. Billy Splain says:

    crawford, I agree but will also put up that North Catholic loss was also a biggie

  107. Crawford says:

    Conneaut beating Cathedral Prep is one of the biggest upsets in awhile in maybe all of PA. Conneaut plays very physical and has some great athletes to compliment that. Very good ball club.

  108. David Mika Jr. says:

    anyone surprise Cathedral Prep lost?

  109. Western says:

    Well…I see South Fayette or Aliquippa in “AA” representing the West, and Cathedral Prep representing in “AAA”.

  110. Billy Splain says:

    welcome aboard Western…..any thought on other classes?

  111. Western says:

    West Middlesex or Clairton in “A” out of the West.

  112. pittboy says:

    Think Pine-Richland has a good chance to take the WPIAL this year at AAAA. And expect West Allegheny to avenge their loss to Central Valley at AAA.

  113. Phil says:

    Hey out there, any early picks for who may get to the western semis in any or all classes, or who may represent the west at Hershey?

  114. Billy Splain says:

    nice to see some chatter……keep it up!

  115. Don says:

    Slippery Rock is big up front. Greenville smaller and quicker. Wouldn’t be surprised if that is the D-10 AA final. But Hickory will be in the mix, as well. They seem to be picking up the pace.

  116. Don says:

    Can’t say, wasn’t there, but I can confirm that WM is legit. Class A in D-10 is a monster. We’ve got 5 very, very good teams.

  117. D6 says:

    D6 Homer Center

  118. D6 says:

    Noticed that D-10 West Middlesex took down D-10 power Homer Center 34-6. Any insight as to what happened

  119. Don says:

    Wondering how many people noticed the Warren vs. Meadville score last Friday night (10/10)? Crazy game.

  120. Phil says:

    Lance, I believe Mt. Union is for real and will be a serious threat. I think the D-6 finals may come down to MU and Tyrone. Slippery Rock beat Greenville earlier this year by a TD. I know in recent years they have had some good teams that could score a lot of points.

  121. Lance says:

    How Good are D-10 Slippery Rock and Greenville? I see both took down Hickory. Is Mount Union a serious contender in D-6 AA? Thanks guys!!!

  122. Billy Splain says:

    hey phil, ever want to do a write up about the games you see? we are always lookin for reporters and you get in the games free! We covered MU @ Bellwood this week…another good game

  123. Phil says:

    Went to Erie last week and saw Prep destroy DuBois. It was 42-0 two minutes into the second quarter! Prep is very good again. They could have scored 100 points if they wanted to. They appeared to lose their determination and they started subbing which in my opinion is why DuBois outscored them 21-9 the rest of the way. Will make the short trek to Clearfield tonight for Brockway game. It might be an interesting one.

  124. Billy Splain says:

    Phil…you definitely saw a great game in DuBois….I will be covering the Karns City/Clarion game this week…maybe see you on a sideline sometime

  125. Phil says:

    I did see a good game, Billy. Lots of talent on the McDevitt side which really came on in the 4th quarter. Going to DuBois tonight for an intriguing matchup with Conneaut. Next week probably heading to Erie for the DuBois-Prep game. That game will tell us if DuBois is for real or not.

  126. Billy Splain says:

    Phil, you saw a good game for 3 quarters and a title contender wake up for 1 quarter

  127. Phil says:

    Going to St. College to see Bishop McDevitt tonight. Last week saw a very good Bishop Guilfoyle dismantle Richland, and then went to Westmont Sat. to see the Hilltoppers squeak out a victory over the Highlanders of Cambria Heights.

  128. Chuck says:

    This game was all about defense. Central’s was just too big, strong and fast for a good Bethel Park team. Central 6 TD’s were all short red zone runs set up by special teams and defense. Grant Foster and Ronnie Jones each had 2 TD’s for Central.

  129. Billy Splain says:

    @Chuck….I’ll be waiting to hear how it was! Get some friends chattering here!

  130. Chuck says:

    I’ll be at CMU on Friday to check out Central and Bethel Park. I expect the Vikings to win 28-7. On Saturday, I may take in the Imhotep, Yo Cardinal Mooney game at YSU. Should be interesting.

  131. Billy Splain says:

    GAMEWEEK HAS BEGUN, WHERE WILL YOU BE FRIDAY NIGHT? I’ll be at Tyrone for the big matchup with Bellwood-Antis!

  132. Phil says:

    Love to travel and see new stadiums and teams. Also started looking for some key games to watch early in the season. Any suggestions out there.

  133. Phil says:

    Watch out for DuBois this year. They have some very good skill players. If the line can come thru and they find a way to shore up their defense which was porous last year, look out. They beat N.Allegheny and Erie Prep in 7 on 7s this summer.

  134. Lance says:

    Tyrone and Forest Hills look to be strong contenders for the D6 AA title.