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2015 TeamPreviews: Grove City (10)

Written by: on Monday, August 3rd, 2015


Head Coach:    Sam Mowrey       grove_city

Team Name:    Grove City Eagles

2014 Record:    2-8        

Key Starters Lost: 
1. Jared Graham – OLB/Slot
2. Tanner Lucido – RB/MLB
3. Donny Sevin – C/Slot
4. Ian Craig – OL/DL
5. Steve Harmon – DL

Offensive Starters Returning: (number) 

1. Kameron Patterson (jr) – QB
2. Jared Reppart (jr) – OL
3. Brandon Dennis (sr) – OL
4. Tyler Locktosh (jr) – OL

5. Justin Orlowski (sr) – WR

Defensive Starters Returning: 

1. Cordell Sanders (jr) – LB
2. D’andre Byers (sr) – MLB
3. Jared Reppart (jr) – DL
4. Brandon Dennis (sr) – MLB
5. Tyler Locktosh (jr) – DL
6. Peter Chuzie (sr) – LB
7. Nick Davies (jr) – DB

8. Justin Orlowski (sr) – DB

Key Newcomers:  

1. Kyle Barger (jr) – returning from knee injury

2. Zane Fuss (jr) – OL/DL

3. Zach Herndon (jr) – OL/MLB

4. Aj Turner (jr) – OL/MLB

2015 Outlook

We play in a very tough and competitive league — but our expectations always remain the same. Our definition of success is to do everything we can to become the best men on and off the field that we can be. That standard is always being set higher and we are always striving, as a program, to become better. We have a core group of returning leaders and young men that want to do everything they can to bounce back from a rough season last year. I think we have solid offensive and defensive lines, which is where games are won and lost, and we have skill guys that are working hard to become impact players. We have had one year of the new offensive system under our belts, so the players are more comfortable with what we are doing, and a returning quarterback that has run the system. On defense, we continue to work on being aggressive and playing with a relentless mindset. Many games are won and lost with special teams, we focus on being sound and making game changing plays.  

2015 Schedule:

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