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2017 North West Nine All-Conference Team Announced

Written by: on Friday, November 24th, 2017


2017 North West Nine All Conference Team


1st Team- Drew Saxton (South Fayette)

2nd Team- Kavon Morman (Montour)

Honorable Mention- Seth Cohen (Highlands)

Tyler Kowalkowski (Mars)

Payton Stewart (Blackhawk)

Luke Thomas (Indiana)

Running Back:

1st Team- Brayden Jones (Montour)

Josh Thomason (New Castle)

Johny Beck (South Fayette)

2nd Team- Garrett Reinke (Mars)

Ivan Starchuck (Knoch)

Gabe Booker (Highlands)

Honorable Mention- Kenny Gawley (Blackhawk)

Dustin Snyder (Montour)

Cam Taylor (Highlands)

Wide Receiver:

1st Team- Romello Freeman (Highlands)

Mike Trimbur (South Fayette)

2nd Team- Brandon Lipford (Montour)

Rayquin Glover (South Fayette)

Honorable Mention- Logan Crise (Highlands)

Ronnie Stevenson (Montour)

Cade Hetzler (Mars)

Ryan Kokoski (South Fayette)

Dozhay Crumb(Ambridge)

Tight End:

1st Team- Noah Plack

2nd Team- Tre Epps

Honorable Mention- Torry Fisher (Montour)


1st Team- Matt Jablonski (Montour)

2nd Team- Jarrett Bricker (Knoch)

Honorable Mention- Kevin Soergel (Mars)

Josh Bartley (New Castle)

Ben Bianco (Indiana)

Offensive Guard:

1st Team- Gino Cioppa (New Castle)

Greg Sico (Knoch)

2nd Team- Anthony Grieco (Mars)

Tom Elia (South Fayette)

Honorable Mention- Devin Williams (Montour)

K-Ci Booker (New Castle)

Liam McDaniel (Indiana)

Jake Walker (South Fayette)

Offensive Tackle:

1st Team- Ray Eldridge (South Fayette)

George Padezanin (Montour)

Bernie Fabian (New Castle)

2nd Team- Chris DeLuca (Blackhawk)

Mario Sienko (Highlands)

Honorable Mention- Marcus Sienko (Highlands)

Ben Coyne (South Fayette)

Emmit Fry (Knoch)

Dillon Duzicky(Ambridge)


1st Team- Marcus Hooker (New Castle)

Defensive Backs:

1st Team- Kavon Morman (Montour)

Marcus Hooker (New Castle)

Mike Trimbur (South Fayette)

Tom Sheehy (Mars)

2nd Team- Rayquin Glover (South Fayette)

Cade Hetzler (Mars)

Freddy Soto (New Castle)

Romello Freeman (Highlands)

Honorable Mention- Caleb White (Indiana)

Jake Herrit (Knoch)

Jaxon Schrenker (Montour)

Logan Crise (Highlands)

Johnny Crise (Highlands)

Drew Schlegel (Mars)

Carmen Campagna (Blackhawk)

Peyton Tinney (South Fayette)

Jake Tomas (Montour)

Byron Payne (Montour)

Omarri Flannigan(Ambridge)

Outside Linebacker:

1st Team- Brendan Moyer (Mars)

Noah Plack (South Fayette)

2nd Team- Brayden Jones (Montour)

Tre Epps (New Castle)

Honorable Mention- Payne Prowell (New Castle)

Anthony Midili (Montour)

Mahki Robison (Ambridge)

Danny Shroads (Blackhawk)

Aj Karenbauer (Knoch)

Noah Campalong(Ambridge)

Al Karenbauer(Knoch)

Inside Linebacker:

1st Team- Anthony Grieco (Mars)

Matt Senchak (New Castle)

Joe Mowod (South Fayette)

2nd Team- Dustin Snyder (Montour)

Noah Gillette (Highlands)

Honorable Mention- Eric Green (Knoch)

Dante Presutti (Montour)

Tyler Sportelli (Highlands)

Zach Sabo (South Fayette)

Andrew Mullen (Knoch)

Axel Kovalchick (Indiana)

Andrew Mullen(Knoch)

Defensive End:

1st Team- Tanner Grassi (Knoch)

George Padezanin (Montour)

2nd Team- Devin Sams (New Castle)

Ben Coyne (South Fayette)

Honorable Mention- Hunter Boyd (Mars)

Dan Thimons (Highlands)

Mohamed Sissoko (Indiana)

Mike Carmody (Mars)

Jordan Schons (Montour)

Defensive Tackle:

1st Team- Jake Walker (South Fayette)

Ray Eldridge (South Fayette)

2nd Team- Matt Jablonski (Montour)

Chris Deluca (Blackhawk)

Honorable Mention- Devin Williams (Montour)

Chase Lambert (Mars)

K-Ci Booker (New Castle)

Gino Cioppa (New Castle)

Alex Donahue (Indiana)

Saavon Mosby (Knoch)


1st Team- Ryan Coe (South Fayette)

2nd Team- Nolan Hutter (Montour)

Honorable Mention- Joe Covney (Blackhawk)


1st Team- Ryan Coe (South Fayette)

2nd Team- Joe Covneny (Blackhawk)

Honorable Mention- Logan Crise (Highlands)

Defensive MVP: Noah Plack (South Fayette)

Offensive MVP: Drew Saxton (South Fayette)

Coach of the Year: Joe Rossi (South Fayette)

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