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2019 Player Profiles Day 5: Ryan O’Hair 2021•South Fayette•T/DE @ryan_ohair @sflionssports @rossisfcoach

Written by: on Monday, August 19th, 2019


2021South FayetteT/DE

Who is your favorite sports star and why?

My favorite sports star is Rob Gronkowski. He is my favorite sports star because of the aggressiveness, physicality, intensity, and desire to win. He has shown these through multiple AFC Championship titles and Super Bowls that he has won. When the game is on the line, Gronk always seems to be the go to guy as he embodies the definition of clutch.

Why do you play football?

I play football for a various number of reasons, but if I were to pick one it would be just my love and passion for the game. I am a huge sports fan across the board, but when it comes to playing sports I only participate in football and track. This for me all comes down to having my heart in the game. I could not even describe my feelings in words for football as that feeling of running out under the Friday night lights is like no other. That feeling when you get that first down, score that touchdown, or when you win the game is quite simply amazing. My passion for football will never fade because I know that I cannot replicate these moments anywhere other than on the football field.

What sports movie would you watch every day if you had to pick one and why?

If I had to watch a sports movie everyday, it would be Remember the Titans. I love this movie because it shows how perseverance through the tough times will later show in your success in not only football, but in life. Star players Gary and Julius did not get along throughout the beginning of the movie due to being different races and now having to play on defense with one another. After realizing that together that they would be unstoppable, they went on to dominate the opposing offense every game and could not be any better of friends. Football is not always just about wins and losses, but sometimes the life lessons that come with it.

Is there anyone in your family, besides your parents, you could consider your biggest fan? Who, Why?

Besides my parents, my biggest fan is my Grandmother. She has not missed an athletic event every since I began playing sports. My favorite part about her is that whether I perform well or poor she always picks me back up and reminds me how hard I am working. I truly cannot put into words how supportive and helpful my Grandmother has been throughout my journey so far and I hope she is able to see where my journey takes me. I will be forever grateful to have her in my life.

Other Sports

Track and Field

Jersey Number 60

Primary Position TE

Secondary Position OT

Weight 220

Height 6’7

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