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2019 Team Preview: Mercyhurst Prep Lakers @mpslakers @coachroot82

Written by: on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019


2018 Season Record

2019 Schedule:





08-17 Brookville  Brookville (SCR) Brookville HS Football Stadium 11:00 am
08-23 Meadville  Meadville (0-0) Veterans Stadium 7:00 pm
08-30 Corry  Corry (0-0) * Veterans Stadium 7:00 pm
09-06 Hickory  Hickory (0-0) Hornets Stadium 7:00 pm
09-13 Titusville  Titusville (0-0) * John J. Carter Stadium 7:00 pm
09-20 Harbor Creek  Harbor Creek (0-0) * Veterans Stadium 7:00 pm
09-27 Fairview  Fairview (0-0) * Keck Field at Jack Bestwick Stadium 7:00 pm
10-04 Union City  Union City (0-0) Bears Stadium 7:00 pm
10-11 Girard  Girard (0-0) * Battles Memorial Field 7:00 pm
10-18 North East  North East (0-0) * Veterans Stadium 7:00 pm
Head Coach
Jeff Root
Assistant Coaches
Rich Krafty
Scott Gorring
Trey Proctor
Scott Moneta
Joe DiSanti
Ken Brasington
Dan DiTullio
Andre Bridgett
Greg Luce
Dan Loringer
Carlos Rogers
Matt Glass
Steve Wingenbach
Todd DiGange
Key Starters Lost
Jason Lawrence – LB
Dex Polk – LB
Ben Guild – Slot
Khalil Barnes – RB / S
Zack Helsely – RB / LB
Mike Krafty – QB
Isaiah Johnson – G
Derek Loringer – C
Tyrese Tate – LB
Andrerw Montefiori – WR / DB
Offensive Starters Returning
Class Pos. Name Ht WtSR WR Iyan Baker 6’1” 175
SR WR Nate Helsley 6’3” 180
SR TE C.J. Liegl 6’3” 225
JR RB Steve Smith 6’1” 185
SR OT Dylan Schley 6’4” 285
JR OG Dave Kaliszewski 6’1” 230
JR OT Kaden Bluey 6’3” 245
Defensive Starters Returning
Class Pos. Name Ht WtSR LB C.J. Liegl 6’3” 225
SR DE Nick Spaulding 6’1” 215
JR DT Dave Kaliszewski 6’1” 230
SR DT Dylan Schley 6’4” 285
JR DB Steve Smith 6’1” 185
SR DB Iyan Baker 6’1” 175
SR S Nate Helsley 6’3” 180
Special Team Starters Returning
Class Pos. Name Ht WtSR P/K Sutton Rowland 5’10 ” 170
JR Returner Steve Smith 6’1′ 185
SR Returner Iyan Baker 6’1” 175
Key Newcomers
Class Pos. Name Ht WtFR RB Gus Campbell 5’10” 170
FR QB David Bahm 6’2” 175
FR OL George Mann 6″ 215
SO RB Aronde Bridgett 5’9” 175
JR OL Dave Kaliszewski 6’1” 230
JR OL Kaden Bluey 6’3” 245
SR OL Nick Walters 6’3” 270
SR DL Nick Spaulding 6’1” 215
What does your offense need to improve on from last year?
1st Key: The keys to us being a successful offense in 2019 starts up-front. Our offensive line returns 4 starters including the TE who are seasoned. We need them to be able to control the line of scrimmage.2nd Key: Big Plays from the passing game. We must be affective in our passing game during the 2019 season. We will break in a new QB and we need to allow him to throw when we want. We need him to be comfortable and not place the burden on him. We have to be able to challenge teams vertically down the field which will complement what we feel will be a strong run game.

3rd Key: Getting Steve Smith the football. The most explosive player I’ve coached in 33 years of high school football. He can score anytime he touches the football.

What does your defense need to improve on from last year
1st Key: The keys to us being a successful defense in 2019 starts with our front 4. We bring back 4 starters up front. After that we will rely on young, inexperienced players. We do bring back two secondary starters2nd Key: In a great year for our defense, we gave up a big play almost every game. We cannot give up big plays if we want to have a chance to move deeper in the playoffs in 2019.

3rd Key: Create turnovers! Our guys need to create defensive turnovers to allow us to keep our defense off the field, to change field position and to give our offense a chance to score more points.

What are your overall thoughts on this years team?
We could be 0-10 or 10-0 depending on how these new guys step-up and answer the call. Potentially they can be really, really good. This Senior class has been a part of 10-1 / 10-1 and 6-4 records the past 3 years so they know what it takes to win and maintain that edge as everyone in Region 5 will be playing their very best against us. We really love our young guys and are excited to see them play….its their time now! Realistically reaching the D10 3A title game isn’t out of the question for us….We just have to find a way to get past those always tough southern teams!

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