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Aliquippa pulls away at the end in the unbeaten showdown

Written by: on Saturday, November 15th, 2014





Despite the Prexies having injuries several injuries, they gave Aliquippa a good game, but in the end the Quips were just too much to handle. The game started and Aliquippa wasted very little time. Darrien Fields completed a pass to Jassir Jordan down all the way to the Prexies 5 yard line. A few plays later Kaezon Pugh scores from 1 yard out and they add a 2 point conversion making it 8-0 Quips with 9:58 in the first quarter. On the next drive Washington looked to respond, they faced an early 3rd down play and failed to convert on a Jonathan Spina pass. The Quips looked to score again on one play DiMantae Bronaugh got into Washington territory. A few plays later though the ball is fumbled and is recovered by the Prexies. The Prexies now had another opportunity to score but faced a 3rd and 9 and yet again failed to convert. Washington is forced to punt and on the next drive Kaezon Pugh is out in the open on a big run all the way down to the 5 yard line. A few plays later though again the Quips fumble it and Washington recovers it, they start at their own 6. One play the Prexies find a groove on offense getting to the 22 on one run play. Add a personal foul and another penalty on them and they’re at the 40. From there the Prexies get the big strike when Jonathan Spina finds Dequay Isbell deep for a 60 yard touchdown pass, the conversion was no good and it was 8-6 Aliquippa with 2:37 in the first quarter. On the kickoff Jassir Jordan has a good return into Washington territory, Kaezon Pugh gets them down to the 2 and Darrien Fields takes care of the rest on a 2 yard touchdown run, they also added another successful conversion making it 16-6 Aliquippa with 2:12 in the first quarter. On the next drive the Prexies continue to move a Spina run gets to the own 41. Once again Jonathan Spina finds Dequay Isbell deep and he’s all the way down to the 10 yard line. On first and second and goal they try runs and get to the 1 the quarter would end and a big play loomed to start the second.

On 3rd and Goal Jonathan Spina runs it into the end zone on a 1 yard run but once again a 2 point conversion is no good and it is 16-12 Aliquippa with 11:57 in the 2nd quarter. On the next drive the Quips faced a 3rd and long a pass is complete but was short of where they needed to get they punt it, and now the Prexies have a chance to take the lead. The Prexies didn’t waste much time when Kurt Adkins is out in the open and is gone for a 67 yard touchdown run and they also add a 2 point conversion and the Prexies lead now 20-16 with 9:24 in the 2nd quarter. The Quips suddenly found themselves trailing and on the next drive Darrien Fields throws it and is intercepted close to midfield. The momentum has now clearly switched to the Prexies side. After a few runs the Prexies faced 3rd and 6 and they run it with Kurt Adkins and he gets just enough to move the chains. Another run by him and they’re down to the 21 and threatening to add to their lead. A few plays later the Quips come up and big and intercept Spina and they have the ball back. On the first few plays Aliquippa is running the ball and get close to midfield. Once again Kaezon Pugh is into the open and down to the 9 yard line. On the first 2 tries they don’t get in and barely anything so they face 3rd and Goal. They run it to Kaezon Pugh who finds the end zone on a 9 yard run and the extra point fails making it 22-20 Quips with 2:51 left in the half. From there Washington decides to run the clock out to get it to half with Aliquippa up 22-20.

To start the second half Washington receives. Early on they face a 3rd and 3 and end up short, but they take a gamble on 4th down and succeed picking up the first down on a Kurt Adkins run to the 45 yard line. Once again they faced a 3rd and 11 and can’t convert and end up punting the ball away. After a few runs Darrien Fields finds Jassir Jordan on a pass and he’s down to the Washington 35 yard line. Pugh gets a few runs and Fields runs to the 14. A few plays later Anthony Barton scores on a 6 yard touchdown run. The 2 point conversion fails and it is 28-20 Quips with 4:38 in the third quarter. Washington gets the ball back and now desperately need some points, they get a great start when they bust a big run getting down to the 1 yard line. The Prexies couldn’t get in on 3 attempts with the Aliquippa defense going strong on 4th down though they finally get in from 1 yard on a Malik Wells run but the huge 2 point conversion is no good and the Quips still led 28-26 with 1:55 left in the 3rd quarter. Before the end of the quarter Aliquippa faces a huge 3rd down, Darrien Fields completes a pass in what was a great effort to get the first down.

The Quips are at their own 12 and looking to add to their lead. They do just that when Kaezon Pugh scores on a 12 yard run and a 2 point conversion fails again and the Quips lead 36-26 with 11:53 left. Once again Washington needed to do something, on a 3rd and 4 and they come up with the conversion a run to Adkins gets to midfield on a 2nd down though Jonathan Spina is sacked and they face a 3rd and 17. The next play Spina runs it and has enough for a first down… But a huge holding call brings it back. They attempt a pass and it is intercepted by Aliquippa and they have the ball in Washington territory. Kaezon Pugh busts a big run into the red zone. After a few plays Kaezon Pugh is in for his fourth touchdown for the game on a 12 yard run and also add a 2 point conversion to make it 44-26 with 4:59 left in the game. On the next drives Prexies go for it on 4th down and Spina is intercepted. Quips run a little time off and punt Prexies can’t do anything on their turn and once Aliquippa has the ball they kneel it to win the game. In the end the Prexies tried but Aliquippa just proved to be too much.

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