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All-EPA/WPA All-State Super 25 Class 4A Team

Written by: on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017


All-EPA/WPA All-State Super 25 Class 4A Team


Tight End (TE):

Ian Renninger, Pottsville, Jr. 6-6 230

Wide receivers (WR):

Cody Gustafson, Shippensburg, Sr. 6-2 165

Kyle Hopson, DuBois, Jr. 6’ 170

Zane Zandier, Thomas Jefferson, Sr. 6-4 215

Offensive lineman (OL):

Cameron Landis, Cathedral Prep, Sr. 6-4 290

Desmond Holmes, Cardinal O’Hara, Sr. 6-6 320

Justin Johnson, Imhotep Charter, Jr. 6-6 325

Ryan Solt, Wilkes-Barre Coughlin, Sr. 6-3 290

Ryan Pasternak, DuBois, Sr. 6-2 265

Quarterback (QB):

Joe Mischler, Cathedral Prep, Jr. 6’ 180

Running Back (RB):

Darnell Ferrell, Allentown Central Catholic, Sr. 5-10 185

Quinton Hill, Thomas Jefferson, Sr. 6’ 200

Specialist (SP-O):

Keonte Lucas, Milton Hershey, Sr. 5-10 195

Kicker (K):

Aidan Alves, Northern York, Sr. 6-1 210



Defensive Lineman (DL):

Devin Danielson, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. 6-3 290

Dominick Covatto, Cathedral Prep, Sr. 6-3 310

Fredrick Scruggs, Cathedral Prep, Jr. 6-4 275

Ryan Glanski, Berks Catholic, Sr. 6’ 245

Linebackers (LB):

Amin Black, Imhotep Charter, Sr. 5-11 230

Matt Bauer, Cathedral Prep, Jr. 6-3 215

Matt Collins, Clearfield, Sr. 6-2 235

Defensive Backs (DB):

Exree Loe, Greater Johnstown, Sr. 6-1 195

Geno Stone, New Castle,  Sr. 6’ 185

Isheem Young, Imhotep Charter, Jr. 5-11 195

Ryan Lezzer, Clearfield, Sr. 6’ 200


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11 Responses to “All-EPA/WPA All-State Super 25 Class 4A Team”

  1. sausmann9 says:

    got it, thanks. didn’t realize a 25 player cutoff was criteria, that explains it.

  2. Billy Splain says:

    sausman, we do have TE. As for adding DE and 3 downline, we are limiting to just 4 DL because of limited space, keeping it at 25

  3. sausmann9 says:

    its all good, I was just surprised not to see either one of those two becahi players on the list but I wouldn’t have included them either. I think your list is very good by the way and this is only a suggestion but is it possible to add DE to the “defensive lineman” category so you have two DE’s and three down linemen? How about for offense adding to the category of Offensive linemen, is it possible to add the TE (tight end) category. Here’s why I ask – tight ends and defensive ends are most certainly on the line but they do have a very distinctive and different set of responsibilities and job skills compared to other linemen. just a thought.

  4. Billy Splain says:

    lol…sorry bout by dyslexic post …Let me reword: not sure what other all state lists Beca DB/LB made. as for the LBs, those were the best 3 we determined, all were AP all state. (was a late night). We use many factors to determine our teams, including coaches and our reporters who saw nearly every team that had a member on our team. While we know no “all star” team is perfect, we feel confident in ours

  5. sausmann9 says:

    Bethlehem Catholics Niko Camacho and Isaiah Onuschak. Both all state defense.

  6. Billy Splain says:

    not sure what Beca DB made what “other” all state lists. ? as for the LBs, those were the best 3 we determined, all three were AP all state

  7. sausmann9 says:

    wow, no Bethlehem Catholic players either??? I know they had a linebacker and DB on that squad that made all-state on other lists.

    Linebacker and DB from Clearfield over linebacker and DB from Bethlehem Catholic?????????

  8. Billy Splain says:

    remember, it’s a big state. the others were very important and just as skilled.

  9. Dan Watson says:

    No Sir. Not getting into bashing any other kids its just hard for anyone to mention 3 more important kids off of that defense before Roberts just my personal opinion.I watched the whole season including the playoffs specifcally the last two games.Thanks

  10. Billy Splain says:

    political? Are you saying he’s better than the other 2 chosen? For us, it was very close. Thanks for your comment. No politics were involved. Only in person evaluation. thanks.

  11. Dan Watson says:

    Best player on Cathedrdral Preps Defense was left off of this list????? Number 33 is the main reason on defense that they won that championship.This stuff is super “political” Smh