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Attention Coaches: 2016 Final Stats

Written by: on Monday, November 7th, 2016



If you didn’t receive my email here is what I am looking for, 2016 Final Stats. has recognized outstanding athletes for over several years. We decided last season to add a final stats column for the season. Once your season is completely done, after any playoff games, you can use either or fill out the information below and email us your own finals stats for Offense, Defense and Special Teams.

Our goal is to have every team’s season stats so we can put together a statewide stat page to see where your player(s) rank in Pennsylvania.

We will continue our weekly top performer list too. Please email us that information also. (If you don’t have that information, it can be found on our website or email me for that info also) We appreciate your support!

Thank you!




Passing Yards Leader(s)(Minimum of 1,000 yards)


Rushing Yards Leader(s)  (Minimum of 1,000 yards)


Receiving Yards Leader(s) (Minimum of 500 yards)


All-Purpose Yards Leader(s) (Minimum of 1,500 yards)


Receptions Leader(s)  (Minimum of 35)


Passing Touchdowns Leader(s)  (Minimum of 20)


Rushing Touchdowns Leader(s) (Minimum of 20)


Reception Touchdowns Leader(s)  (Minimum of 7)


Total Touchdowns Leader(s) (Minimum of 25)


Scoring Leader(s) (Minimum of 75 points)






Tackle Leader(s) (Minimum 75 total tackles)


Tackle for loss Leader(s) (Minimum 10)


Sack Leader(s) (Minimum of 5)


Interception Leader(s) (Minimum 4)


Fumble Recovery Leader(s) (Minimum 4)





Special Teams


Field Goal Leader(s) (Please add Att. – Made – Long) (Example: 8 of 10, 51 long) (Minimum made 5)


Kick Scoring Leader(s) (Minimum 50 points)


Punt Leader(s) (Minimum average punt 35.0 yards)


Punt Return Leader(s) (Minimum 20.0 yards per return plus minimum 7 attempts)


Kickoff Return Leader(s) (Minimum 20.0 yards per return plus minimum 15 attempts)


Touchback Leader(s) (Minimum 10)


Punts inside the 20: (Minimum 10)


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4 Responses to “Attention Coaches: 2016 Final Stats”

  1. Howard Blon says:


    Drew Blon (SR) Peters Township 103 total tackles.

    Drew Blon 10 tackels for losses.

  2. Ryan Hoff says:

    Ryan Hoff 13 receiving touchdowns
    935 receiving yards
    96 points

  3. Billy Splain says:

    thanks jim,

  4. Jim Beach says:

    Passing Yards Leader(s)(Minimum of 1,000 yards): Noah Reisenauer (Jr.) – 1524

    Rushing Yards Leader(s) (Minimum of 1,000 yards):
    Cody Lanning (Sr.) – 1122

    Scoring Leader(s) (Minimum of 75 points): Cody Lanning (Sr.) – 78

    Tackle Leader(s) (Minimum 75 total tackles):
    Carter Babb (Jr.) – 120
    Zach Boylan (Jr.) – 99
    Todd Hall (Sr.) – 86
    Brad Stoeger (Sr.) – 75

    Tackle for loss Leader(s) (Minimum 10): Brad Stoeger (Sr.) – 11

    Fumble Recovery Leader(s) (Minimum 4): Levi Henderson (So.) – 4