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Bald Eagle Gridders help deliver water to thirsty residents

Written by: on Friday, January 19th, 2018


Members of the BEA football team and other sports and clubs pose after unloading 1,600 cases of needed water

On Friday afternoon, members of the Bald Eagle Area football team joined forces with other school students to help a community in need. The Mountain Top area, which consists of Burnside Township, Snow Shoe borough and Snow Shoe Township, is experiencing a water shortage and their supply is running dangerously low. Add to that what water they do have is under a boil advisory and it makes for a stressful time for residents that support the BEA football team. Thanks to generous donations from area organizations, as well as State Rep. Mike Hanna, D-Lock Haven, who announced Wednesday that he worked with Nestle Waters, which is donating 1,600 cases, the residents served by the Mountain Top Water Authority were able to get some much needed relief.

Sophomore Bradley Crestani is a student rep to school board as well as a lineman for the Bald Eagles. “Our principal, Mr. (Jack) Tobias called the team in to the office. They were looking for strong hands so a bunch of us said we would help. We saw people we new, people we are related to. It was nice to help them out. Overall it was a positive for the community. The community gives so much to us as a team, this was an opportunity to give back.” Along with ten other members of the team, Bradley jumped at the opportunity. When we got there we went to the truck and unloaded the truck, we formed a line with others and loaded into the Snowshoe EMS building. Then when the people started coming in we formed a line to hand it out. They were very happy and that meant the most to me.”

“Its a local community. One of our staff members came to me about trying to find kids to help with the distribution once they found out about it” said Jack Tobias. “I thought it would be a great opportunity for our students to do some community service and give back to those that support our programs.  We had a full tractor trailer load. We unloaded 1600 cases.  It was a great opportunity for them. We had band, soccer, baseball, just a wide variety of our athletes and extra curricular clubs that are supported by that community. I was proud of all of them.”

After the cases of water were loaded into the EMS building, residents began coming in a filling out a form to receive 2 cases of water. We formed one big line. They signed in and we had the students carry it out to their cars.

Other members of the football team that helped were Garrett Rigg, David Close, Mathew Reese, Blake Roberts, Cael Burkett, Ethan Moore, Nathan Poole, Kurt Hall, Andrew Dubbs and Dylan Bisel.

“They were absolutely amazing today. When the truck arrived at 8:30 we had it all stacked up by 9:35, so within an hour and 5 minutes.” said Staff member Luanna Dudish. “They worked very hard with that and taking it out to the residents cars.” She also reported that they still have a little over 100 cases left that will be available to residents at the EMS building after 4pm Saturday. The Snowshoe Moose will also distribute water on Monday. Residents can contact Luanna Dudish at 571-3446 about those arrangements, or contact Hanna’s Milesburg office at 353-8780 on Monday for more information.

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