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2017 Team Previews: Berlin Mountaineers (5)

Written by: on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017


Head Coach: Doug Paul

Assistant Coaches:
Mike May,
Eric Craig,
Joe Shubik,
Scott Ressler,
Tom Dorcon,
Chris Grenke,
Sam Dively,
Levi Bowser,
George Eckenroad,
Brian Fochtman,
Nick Crites,
Bob Bowers,
Dave Custer

Team Name: Berlin Mountaineers

2016 Record: 9-3

2017 Schedule

Key Starters Lost: Cole Booth RB/S, Mark Craig DT, Toby Cahill TE/LB, Tristan Brant OL/DL, Hayden Belcher RB

Offensive Starters Returning: Luke Brick Sr. QB 5’11 – 190, Tyler Custer Sr. WR 5’11 – 195, Silas Eckenroad Sr. WR 5’9 – 140, Drew Boyer Sr. OL 5’10 – 215, Zane Horne Sr. OL 6’0 – 225, Charlie Hersch Sr. OL 5’11 – 195, Russell Countryman Sr. OL 6’4 – 255

Defensive Starters Returning: Austin Lee Sr. DB 5’8 – 150, Silas Eckenroad Sr. DB 5’9 – 140, Tyler Custer Sr. DB 5’11 – 195, Jacob Fisher Sr. LB 5’8 – 165, Shawn Yanosky Sr. LB 5’7 – 150, Drew Boyer Sr. DL 5’10 – 215, Josh Janicki Sr. DL 5’11 – 205, Charlie Hersch Sr. DE 5’11 – 195

Special Team Starters Returning: Carter Raupach Sr. K/P 5’10 – 185

Key Newcomers: Riley Simpson Sr. WR 6’0 – 180, Jacob Toman Sr. OL 6’1 – 240, Isaiah Paul Jr. WR 6’1 – 175, Peyton Harding Jr. DB 5’10 – 170, Cole Blubaugh SO RB 5’10 – 160, Will Spochart FR QB 6’1 – 165

Key Stats:

2017 Offensive Outlook: Our Starting QB is returning and 4 of our top 6 RB’s from last year. Our top 2 receivers are also returning along with 4 starting offensive linemen. This year we will ride our offensive line as far as they will take us. We are excited about some of our younger offensive skill players and think they will be able to push the older guys.

2017 Defensive Outlook: With 8 starters returning on Defense we feel that we will be solid. The 3 starters we lost though were all very good football players and we will need somebody to step up to fill those positions. Just like on the offensive side though we have some younger players who have made some big improvements in strength and speed since last season.

2017 Special Teams Outlook: With All-State K/P Carter Raupach returning this is definitely a strength for us. He is a tremendous weapon to have as a coach.


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