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Brownsville Wins Thriller in Beth Center 27-26 @BrockOwens16

Written by: on Monday, September 9th, 2019


By Brock Owens

The rivalry between Brownsville and Beth-Center was sparked up again this past Friday night as the Brownsville Falcons traveled to Fredericktown to take on the Beth-Center Bulldogs. To start the game Beth-Center took the ball, but the defense for Brownsville was very stout and got a 3-and-out. Just a few plays after taking possession, Anthony Johnson took a handoff and ran it 57 yards to the endzone. After another stop by the Brownsville defense, Johnson once again took a long run to the house to bring the score to 14-0 just a few minutes into the first quarter, as it began to look like Anthony Johnson and his fellow Falcons were going to run away with the game. 

However, it became a defensive battle for the rest of the quarter as the score remained the same. To end the quarter, Beth-Center drove down the field and got to the two-yard line. They then punched it into the endzone on the first play of the second quarter. After a failed attempt at a two-point conversion, the score was 14-6 Brownsville. Once again, the defenses stood tall as the game went into the half with that score. 

In the third quarter, Brownsville began to roll again as a 25-yard pass by Hunter Assad and an eight-yard run by Daniel Grant (extra-point attempt was missed) had the Falcons in a commanding 27-6 lead going into the final quarter. 

It stayed that way until about halfway through the fourth when Beth-Center ran a WR reverse for a touchdown and a got 2-point conversion that brought it to 27-14. Beth-Center then stuffed Brownsville’s offense 3 straight plays, and then a bad snap that the punter couldn’t handle gave the Bulldogs great field position. Just a few plays later, however, Beth-Center were facing 4th and goal from the 11-yard line. Colby Kuhns took the snap and rolled out left, then found receiver Devyn Dingle in the back of the endzone for a touchdown. They failed to convert the two-point conversion, so the score was 27-20. 

The Bulldogs attempted an onside kick that bounced off of a Falcon and Beth-Center came away with it. They got themselves into a bad situation again as they almost immediately had a 4th and 13 and scored a 68-yard touchdown on that play. They did not get the two-point conversion and were only down one point with a 27-26 score.

They kicked the onside kick and once again recovered it, but on the first play of their possession, the snap was low and picked up by the quarterback. Brownsville recovered the fumble to stop the comeback just one point shy. The rivalry game became a thriller late, but Brownsville ends up improving to 2-1 as and Beth-Center continues to struggle moving to 0-3.

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