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Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic Trojans shut out the Freedom Bulldogs

Written by: on Saturday, October 28th, 2017


Through both rushing and passing, the Trojans had the upper hand over the Bulldogs. North Catholic did not allow Freedom to put a single point on the board throughout the entire game. The Trojans shut out the Bulldogs with a final score of 51-0.

The first person to gain points from the Trojans’ team was Tyree Brown with a 16-yard touchdown pass. The extra point was good giving North Catholic a 7-0 lead over Freedom.
After shutting down the Freedom offense, the North Catholic offense came back out on the field. After making their way to Freedom’s 20-yard line, Zack Rocco called his own number rushed for the Trojan’s second touchdown of the night.

The second quarter started at the Freedom offense was shut down again forcing them to punt on a fourth down and long. North Catholic began their third drive of the night, but that drive resulted in a turnover as Jason Norman would intercept the pass and take the ball to the 50-yard line.
The Bulldogs once again was shut down on offense and punted the ball. North Catholic began their fourth drive of the night against the Bulldog defense. This drive ended with a 30-yard touchdown run from Joe Meinert taking the score up to 21-0.

North Catholic, now on their fifth drive of the night, was stopped before reaching the end zone making the Trojans kick a field goal. Max Kunzmann made the 27-yard field goal adding three points to the Trojans’ lead.

The Bulldogs were once again forced to punt due to a fourth and long. North Catholic now had possession of the ball again. Meinert got the handoff and would run 57-yards to score his second touchdown of the night. The touchdown and the extra point added seven points to North Catholic’s lead over Freedom.

North catholic would gain possession of the ball one more time before halftime. They had less than two minutes to get down the field and score before time ran out. North Catholic made it down inside Freedom’s 5-yard line with less than a minute left on the clock. Rocco called his own number again rushing two-yards into the end zone to score. After the made extra point, North Catholic went into halftime leading Freedom 38-0.

The second half became a less-scoring half of the game. The first scoring play of the second half came from North Catholic’s defense. Cameron Branch intercepted Cole Beck’s pass and returned it 32-yards for a Trojan touchdown. The Trojans went for a two point conversion but were unsuccessful.

The fourth quarter came around and North Catholic had the ball on Freedom’s 33-yard line. Pierce Khoury would run it the whole 33-yards getting the last scoring play of the game. After the made extra point, they added seven points to the Trojan’s score.

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