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Cathedral Prep continues undefeated streak with 48 point shutout against Saint Francis on Homecoming night.

Written by: on Saturday, September 30th, 2017


The Ramblers continue to dominate this season after a 48 point victory against the Saint Francis Red Raiders on Friday night at Dollinger Field. Prep’s star studded defense continues to shine in this matchup, providing another shutout. Saint Francis only has 27 players on their roster this season, unfortunately losing several to injury.

To start the game, the Raiders elected to kickoff first. After reaching the 45 yard line, the Ramblers began their first drive. Prep quarterback Joe Mischler electrified the crowd with a 36 yard pass to receiver Tyler Oedekoven. After senior player Matthew Lupo rushed for three yards on the second play, Mischler followed with a touchdown pass to Adam Malesiewski. With an extra point kicked by Anthony Lupo, the Ramblers went up 7-0 with 11:20 left in the first quarter.

Saint Francis began their first drive at the 33 yard line. Quarterback Jordan Schindler began the drive by handing off to running back Retsen Daley. After only gaining one yard, the Raiders attempted to hand the ball off again, but this time Daley was brought down in the backfield by linebacker and Norte Dame commit Matthew Bauer. On third down, Jordan Schindler was swarmed by defenders, resulting in a fumble that led to Prep’s second possession.

After Prep running back Billy Lucas rushed for a first down, a personal foul was called against the Red Raiders. Taking advantage of the penalty, Lucas rushed from the six yard line for another Rambler touchdown. After another extra point by Anthony Lupo, Prep went up 14-0 at 9:10.

To begin their second drive, Jordan Schindler handed the ball off to Daley for a gain of three. Following this play, Schindler attempted a passing play, but a flag was thrown after his incomplete pass. After being called for a holding call, the Red Raiders were cornered into their 17 yard line. In an attempt to revive their drive, Saint Francis again tried to run the ball. After a gain of five, the Raiders faced 3rd and 15. Jordan again attempts a pass, but it is immediately intercepted, leading to Prep’s third offensive possession.

Starting at the 34 yard line, Matt Lupo rushed for five yards before getting tackled by Raider lineman Grayson Myers. After an incomplete pass, the Ramblers decide to give the ball to Lupo for another first down. From the 19 yard line, Mischler threw a bullet to Oedekoven in the end zone, bringing the Ramblers to 20 points. This score was raised to 21 at 6:48 after Anthony Lupo kicked an extra point.

After Daley returned the Rambler kick to the 43 yard line, the Raiders hoped to turn things around. Unfortunately, Daley fumbled the ball the very next play to give the Ramblers their fourth drive.

Starting at the 42 yard line, Joe Mischler threw to Mike Lupo for a 17 yard gain. Following this reception, Saint Francis stepped over the line of scrimmage, resulting in a five yard gain. After another rushing gain by Billy Lucas, Prep was thirteen yards from scoring another touchdown. Responding cooly to intense defensive pressure, Mischler threw on the run to Billy Lucas for a gain of 11. Lucas snuck into the end zone following his catch, giving Prep a commanding 27-0 lead with 5:24 left in the first quarter. This score remained the same for the rest of the quarter after Anthony Lupo’s kick was blocked.

After a multitude of penalties were called against Prep after Lupo’s kick, the Red Raider’s began their 4th drive at the 50 yard line. Switching their running backs, Saint Francis used senior Cole O’Connor to rush for 9 yards in two snaps. Jordan Schindler took the ball and sneaked for two yards, resulting in Saint Francis’ first successful 3rd down conversion. Following the first down, Schindler brought down a high snap and passed to Jacob Miller for a gain of nine, landing the Raiders at Prep’s 30 yard line. Penn State commit Fredrick Scruggs stuffed O’Conner’s following rushing attempt, bringing the Raiders to an intense 3rd and 1 situation. Scruggs pursued unfazed, this time bringing down Retsen Daley in the backfield. At 4th and 7, Schindler responded with a desperate pass, completed by Jacob Miller. This brought the Raiders to the 25 yard line, but the following play resulted in a sack by William Burns. This concluded the first quarter.

After a holding penalty was called on Prep, the Raiders were only 18 yards away from achieving their first score. Unfortunately, Saint Francis’ center gave Schindler another high snap at 2nd and 3, resulting in a fumble that was recovered by Daley all the way to the 35 yard line. After Saint Francis only gained two yards on third down, the Red Raiders attempted a fourth down conversion. This passing attempt was picked off, this time by Iowa commit Terry Roberts.

Because of a personal foul committed by Prep during the interception, the Ramblers began their possession at the 12 yard line. For the first time in the game, Prep comes up empty handed. To conclude this drive, Colin Kelly punts against the wind to the 44 yard line.

After an attempted running play, Saint Francis was called for holding. The following play, another flag was thrown, this time against Prep for pass interference. After struggling for two snaps, Schindler gave his team another first down by completing a pass to Dominik Thomas. The Raiders tried to continue this success, but they eventually were shut down at 4th and 2. Prep took advantage of this failed conversion, marching down the field for an eventual touchdown and extra point by Billy Lucas and Anthony Lupo with 2:23 left in the half.

After a touchback, Cole O’Conner rushed for only six yards the entire drive, forcing the Red Raiders to punt. The punt was nearly returned to the end zone by Terry Roberts, but holding was called on the Ramblers, bringing their drive back to the 39 yard line. Joe Mischler threw for 29 yards this drive before handing off to Matt Lupo, who was stopped by Cole O’Conner. Because of the running clock, Prep attempted a field goal to conclude the half, but it barely missed, keeping the score at 34-0.

After another unsuccessful drive, Saint Francis punted to Prep at the 47 yard line. After Prep recovered, Joe Mischler threw to Mike Lupo at 3rd and 5 for a gain of 17. After a couple of unsuccessful passes by Prep, the Ramblers were faced with a 3rd and 9 situation. Joe threw another incomplete pass, but the drive was saved after a Saint Francis defender was called for unsportsmanlike conduct. This penalty eventually came back to bite the Raiders, leading to a a rushing touchdown by none other than Matt Lupo. After his brother Anthony kicked the ball through the uprights, the Ramblers once again gained seven points to give them a 41 point lead at 7:24.

In an attempt to flip things around, the Raiders tried relying on Melique Straker for the majority of their yards in the upcoming drive. After recovering the kick from the end zone, he was brought down at the 26 yard line. On the next play, he rushed for 13 yards for another first down. He attempted twice more to replicate this success, but was stuffed by both times by Prep’s defense. Because of this, Schindler attempted passing twice, both coming up incomplete and resulting in a turnover on downs.

On Prep’s ninth drive, Joe Mischler once again showed his ability as a quarterback, throwing for 45 yards to Tyler Oedekoven, putting the Ramblers in the Red Zone. Joe then passed to Anthony Bolden for a nine yard touchdown. Anthony kicked another successful extra point at 2:12 in the 3rd to give Cathedral Prep their last points of the game, leaving the score at 48-0. For the rest of the game and throughout the fourth quarter, Saint Francis was not able to get passed the fifty yard line.

In conclusion, this game once again shows why Prep deserves their ranking of first in the state. Already scoring 270 points total this season, Prep continues to steamroll. Remaining perfect with a 6-0 record, Prep will be traveling to Detroit to play against De La Salle Collegiate. Saint Francis will be playing at home in New York against league rival Saint Joesph’s Collegiate Institute.

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