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Cathedral Prep Makes District 10 History After Winning their Second Straight State Title Game

Written by: on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017


Editors Note: This will be Keegan Welka’s last installment. Keegan is an intern for us and attends Cathedral Prep.

We certainly appreciate all you did this year Keegan. Thanks for the great articles! 

After their 38-28 victory of Imhotep Charter, Prep made history Thursday night by becoming the first team in District 10 history to win two state championships, back to back. This adds to Prep’s tally of state titles, making the total four. By accomplishing this feat, many are acclaiming this Prep lineup to be the best in District 10 history. Headed by the class of 2018, the Ramblers not only won the state final, but they also continued their winning streak to 28 games while defeating phenomenal teams not only in the playoffs but in the regular season as well.

On Prep’s 1st drive of the game, Imhotep’s defense held strong. However, on their 2nd drive, Prep was able to score in just four plays after a phenomenal catch by receiver Terry Roberts that landed Prep at their opponent’s 9 yard line and a quick run by Billy to cap off the drive. With 4:27 left in the first quarter, Prep was up 7-0.

In the second quarter, Imhotep responded. On their 3rd drive, Imhotep scored by only running the ball. The ball was carried primarily by 4 star recruit Tykee Smith, who ended up scoring with 7:20 left in the half off of an 8 yard run. Imhotep then kept up this momentum after recovering a fumble on the kickoff after their score. Three plays later, running back Carl Jones was able to score for the Panthers from the four yard line after nearly getting tackled in the backfield. After a failed extra point attempt, Imhotep was up 13-7 with 6:23 left in the half. After this drive, Prep wasn’t able to get a first down on their next offensive possession. But the Rambler’s reciprocated this defense on Imhotep’s next drive by forcing the Panthers to give up the ball on a failed 4th down conversion.

With time slowly winding down in the half and in desperate need of momentum, Prep was determined to score. Prep accomplished their goal by rotating the ball between Billy Lucas, Terry

Roberts, and Joe Mischler. Eventually, Prep scored with just 0:55 left in the half after an amazing catch by Roberts with one foot in the end zone. With this shift in morale, Prep capitalized on defense by forcing a fumble on the fifth play of Imhotep’s next drive. After a pass to Roberts that put Prep at Imhotep’s 30 yard line and a holding call on Imhotep, Prep had a chance to score. Prep amazingly pulled this off after a 37 yard kick by Anthony Lupo that concluded the half, giving Prep a 17-13 lead going into the locker room.

Joe Mischler heads for the endzone

To start the half, Prep surprised everyone when they decided to kick an onside kick. This turned out to be successful when junior Skyler Neely was ableto recover the kick and give the Ramblers the ball. After a passing interference call on Prep’s first play of the drive, Lucas was given the ball three times, eventually rushing for a 14 yard touchdown with 10:55 left in the 3rd quarter. Imhotep hoped to respond on the following drive with a touchdown, and nearly succeeded. However, at the worst time, a blunder was made during the snap and the quarterback dropped the ball, resulting in a fumble and a Prep possession. The Ramblers took advantage of the mistake, scoring on the seventh play of the drive off of a QB draw taken by Mischler. With 2:35 left in the 3rd Quarter, Prep was ahead 31-13.

In the 4th Quarter, Imhotep attempted a comeback. On their tenth drive of the game, it took them sixteen plays to finally score in the fourth quarter off of a pass to star receiver Yusuf Terry. After a successful 2-point conversion, the Panthers were only behind 31-21 with 4:46 left in the contest. Prep responded however, by eventually scoring a touchdown of their own using Lucas to run into the end zone for another touchdown. This proved to be the nail in the coffin , with the score being 38-21 with 1:48 left in the game. However, Imhotep did not go down without a fight. The Panthers were able to score quickly two plays after the kickoff with a pass to Yusuf Terry, who ran for 50 yards into the end zone. Imhotep attempted an onside kick, but Prep recovered, effectively ending any hope Imhotep had of winning the game.

To conclude, the Ramblers had quite the historic season. Prep had six players named to the 4a All State Team this year, including receiver Tyler Oedekoven, Iowa commit and defensive back Terry Roberts, Penn State commit and offensive lineman Juice Scruggs, Notre Dame commit and linebacker Matthew Bauer, junior defensive back Billy Lucas, and last but certainly not least Class 4A Player of the Year, quarterback Joe Mischler. While it is disheartening to see most of these talents leave, one thing is for certain. Being able to witness one of the greatest teams if not the greatest team in District 10 history was certainly something fans and opponents alike from all across Pennsylvania will remember for years to come. And although Prep may be losing these phenomenal players for next season season, the future for Prep football still looks bright. Billy Lucas will be returning next season as a senior, who finished the season with over 1,000 rushing yards and contributed greatly to the Rambler’s secondary.  With an athletic and strong sophomore class maturing as well, it is safe to say that the Ramblers aren’t going anywhere and will continue to be a force in not just Western Pennsylvania, but the entire state.

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