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Cathedral Prep moves to 8-0 record after defeating West Toronto Prep (WTP)

Written by: on Sunday, October 15th, 2017


Prep capitalized on its last home game of the regular season Friday night by defeating West Toronto Prep in another large scale blowout of 50-7. Toronto had many athletes, but what seemed to be their Achille’s Heel was a lack of experience. Counting the game on Friday against Prep, WTP has only played two games this season. On top of that, Toronto’s passing offense was lackluster, forcing them to rely heavily on running the ball.

To start the game, Prep won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball first. With Terry Roberts in the backfield, the Ramblers were able to begin their first drive on West Toronto’s 32 yard line. Afterwards, Matthew Lupo rushed for six yards to put the Ramblers in a 2nd and 4 situation. Following this run, a flag was thrown on WTP for illegal contact, allowing Prep to close in for its first touchdown. Once Matt ran it once more, Joe Mischler followed up by throwing to Terry Roberts for Prep’s first touchdown. After Anthony Lupo kicked an extra point, Prep got the early lead of 7-0 with 10:33 left in the first quarter.

Starting at the 20 yard line after a kick resulting in a touchback, WTP set its eyes on a score. Maybe they were too eager for this opportunity, because in the first play of their drive, they were called for a false start penalty. In response, West Toronto ran the ball for four yards to put them at 2nd and 11. West Toronto attempted to hand the ball off again to Demarr Ramsden, but this failed when he was tackled in the backfield by Prep linebacker Hunter Orlando, putting them at their own 13 yard line. After WTP’s quarterback Elijah Blake threw his first of many incomplete passes, Toronto was forced to punt the ball.

After beginning their second drive on the 47 yard line, the Ramblers were ready to start dominating. For the very first play of the offensive possession, Mischler threw a 47 yard bomb to receiver Tyler Oedekovin. To cap off this quick drive, Anthony Lupo kicked another successful extra point to put the Ramblers ahead by 14 points.

Starting their second drive, Toronto returned the kick to their 33 yard line. After a loss of 4 on 1st down, Elijah Blake threw a 12 yard pass. On 3rd down, West Toronto was able to get its first 1st down after rushing for 3 yards. After an offsides call on Prep and another successful run, West Toronto was able to advance to Prep’s 43 yard line. Blake attempted a passing play, but his pass was incomplete. Realizing this wouldn’t work, Elijah handed the ball off for a gain of 2. Now at the 32 yard line, West Toronto attempted to reach the Red Zone, but Prep’s stifling defense stood strong and eventually forced WTP to punt.

After the punt landed in the end zone for a touchback, Matt Lupo rushed for seven yards. Following the run by Lupo, WTP was called for a holding penalty. From the 27 yard line, Billy Lucas rushed for a gain of 4 yards. Once Lucas lost two yards on the following run, Mischler threw for 16 yards to Roberts, giving Prep a first down. Once Prep advanced to midfield with a Lupo rush of 4 yards, Joe threw another pass to Terry for a gain of 22. To conclude the first quarter, Lupo took a pitch to gain one yard.

With one fourth of the game already over, the Ramblers continued their intensity. At the 22 yard line, Prep threw for ten yards, putting them in the Red Zone. After Lucas caught a pass from Joe in the backfield, he paced his run and juked multiple defenders out, putting Prep inches away from achieving their 3rd touchdown. At 10:55, Lupo easily moved into the end zone for another touchdown. Once his brother Anthony kicked the extra point, Prep was put ahead 21-0.

Desperate and hungry for a score, West Toronto began their drive at the 25 yard line. After Mekhi Hyman ran for 8 yards and a complete pass, it seemed West Toronto had the momentum to score a touchdown. Unfortunately for WTP, Elijah threw a beautiful pass to potentially get in scoring distance, but the receiver fumbled the ball and Prep recovered to start their 4th drive.

After a false start call on the Ramblers, Prep began at the 21 yard line. This did not faze Mischler, who threw to Adam Malesiewski, who charged the ball forward to gain 21 yards. Later on 3rd and 1, Mischler threw to Anthony Bolden leading to a gain of 48. Unfortunately, Bolden was injured and required a substitution. Junior receiver and fringe starter Skyler Neely checked in, who had a good performance in last week’s game in Detroit. In an act of vengeance, Joe threw to Malesiewski, who landed in the end zone for a touchdown. With 6:51 left in the half, Anthony kicked another field goal to give Prep a commanding lead of 28-0.

After another lackluster drive by West Toronto resulting in a punt, Prep started their next drive at the 29 yard line. Ready to score another touchdown, Mischler threw another bomb for 72 yards to Terry Roberts, giving the Ramblers another touchdown and extra point. With 5:47 left, Prep was ahead by 35 points.

West Toronto’s fifth drive was even worse than their previous one. After an incomplete pass and a holding call, it appeared WTP was beginning to get demoralized. After two more failed attempts to run the ball, Toronto punted the ball out of bounds at the 25 yard line. Prep followed up by eventually kicking a field goal from 38 yards away to bring the score to 38-0.

At the 20 yard line, West Toronto began their sixth drive. Blake rushed for 8 yards after a QB option, followed by another rush for a gain of three by running back Horacio Gates. This success was nullified when Elijah threw two incomplete passes and was sacked in the following three plays. If it couldn’t get any worse, the center for WTP snapped the ball way over the punter’s hands, launching it into the end zone and giving Prep two more points due to a safety at the very end of the half.

Once the second half began, WTP returned Prep’s kickoff to the 20 yard line. After a loss of one yard, Toronto was called for illegally substituting a player. Hymen attempted to get a first down on the next play, but he only gained 3 yards before getting brought down. Once Blake threw another incomplete pass, West Toronto was forced to punt again.

Starting at the 41 yard line, Prep decided to run the ball. Lucas was able to make his way to the 25 yard line the next play during a handoff play. Following this run, Matt Lupo was able to bring Prep to the 1 yard line, where Billy Lucas finished the drive by cruising into the end zone for a touchdown. With Anthony Lupo’s extra point, Prep was ahead 47-0 at 6:44.

Off of the touchback, West Toronto started their 8th drive on the 20 yard line. Blake threw a pass for 17 yards, then threw again for 4 yards. His next pass was incomplete, but by handing the ball off to Horacio Gates, WTP made it all the way to the 32 yard line. Blake then ran the ball himself the next play to gain 8 yards. It seemed that West Toronto was on the verge of scoring, but they once again turned the ball over at the 21 yard line because of a forced fumble.

For Prep’s 8th drive, the Ramblers started by handing the ball off but they were stuffed and gained no yards. After an encroachment penalty was called on WTP, backup QB Nick Wisinski took the ball as the keeper, giving Prep a first down. Nick then threw for another ten yards, giving Prep yet another first down. Running back Joseph Campbell followed up by running for 6 yards. Then, Campbell ran once more for a first down, putting Prep at the 48 yard line. Nick followed up by throwing for nine yards. After getting called for a false start penalty, Nick responded by throwing to Alex Baldi, who was able to give the Ramblers a first down and 16 yards. The Ramblers were not able to score a touchdown this drive. However, Anthony Lupo was able to kick his second 38 yard field goal of the game at 5:10 left in the fourth quarter.

To conclude the game, West Toronto had a mediocre final drive starting at the fifty yard line. The drive ended at the 38 yard line during a 4th and 17 situation where West Toronto punted the ball. But once Prep got the ball and began their final drive, the most unexpected play occurred. With 0:35 left in the game, Prep QB Luke Kubiak threw an interception to defensive back Phonarlen Burrell, who ran the ball all the way to Prep’s end zone for a WTP touchdown.

After a successful extra point, West Toronto got its first 7 points to finish the game.

Although the game was a blowout by Cathedral Prep, West Toronto Prep has the potential to become a very good football team. With athletes like Horatio Gates and more experience, I can easily see WTP becoming a threat. Next week, they will be playing against the Erie High Royals. For Prep, they will be traveling to play against Fort LeBoeuf next Friday at 7 pm.

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