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DuBois tested in week 6 loss to Morgantown High 52-21

Written by: on Thursday, October 10th, 2013


During a three and a half hour bus ride and a stop at Golden Corral, the Beavers prepared mentally for one of the biggest games in program history against the Morgantown Mohigans in Morgantown WV. At the Alma Mater of Don Knotts, (Barney Fife from The Andy Grffith Show), DuBois took the field to put on a show.


Morgantown put up the first 7 points at the 10:36 mark of the first quarter with a 40 yard run from Senior RB Chazzy Thomas. The Beavers ensuing drive ended with a 52 yard punt by Senior OL/DL Tyler Fleeger that rolled dead at the one yard line. The Mohigans hit the end zone again with Thomas leading the way with the 43 yard run to make the score 14-0 with 6:35 left to go in the opening quarter.


Chazzy Thomas lead Morgantown to 26 unanswered points in the first half alone scoring his third TD at the 2:13 mark in the first and his fourth at 3:46 before halftime. It looked like the Beavers would score in the first half after an interception recovered by Senior DB TJ Troup. This was a good turn around for the Beavers, but on a probable scoring pass thrown by Junior QB Gabe French, the ball was intercepted by a Morgantown defender and the tide turned back around in disadvantage of the Beavers.


Things were looking bright for DuBois after a recovered fumble by Senior WR/DB Trevor Schwiderske, until a turnover on downs gave the ball back to Morgantown and within minutes the Mohigans were up 26-0 at halftime.


Halftime was longer than usual due to the crowning of Morgantown’s 2013 Homecoming Queen with an impressive 258 piece marching band in formation at the left and right of the candidates and their escorts. The amazing back drop of the high school behind the home bleachers completed the moment. This brought on a time of reflection for the Beaver faithful, who made the trip to Morgantown, to take note of  “This once in a lifetime experience…” a fan noted, “Make it count.”


DuBois got on the board for the first time at the 7:23 mark in the third quarter with a 7 yard pass from French to Junior WR Cole Kriner for a 26-7 tally after Senior K Josh Hnat hit the extra point. The Mohigans answered back with a 51 yard run to go up 33-7. DuBois punted the ball away after an ineffective drive only to get it back after a Mohigan mishandled the ball. Junior RB Chad O’Donnell ran it in 14 yards for 6 more and with a Hnat P.A.T the tab was 33-14 with 4:47 left in the third quarter.


Morgantown scored two more times with 80 and 40 yard runs by Thomas to give them the 46-14 advantage in the last 4 minutes of the 3rd quarter. Junior WR Bryson Paulinellie made it in for DuBois’ third TD of the night at the end of the third to make the difference 46-21.

Morgantown came out victorious with the 52-21 tally after a 23 yard run with 6:14 left on the clock in the fourth quarter.


A few players and fans were open for comment after the game:


How did the game go overall?


Bryson Paulinellie commented, “I think the game went ok overall. We did good things and we did bad things. Our offense was driving down the field and we just couldn’t convert when we needed to.”


Junior RB Devin Clark noted, “Well…Our offense moved the ball pretty well. We just couldn’t get the key first down when we needed it.”


Senior WR Austin Gahr said, “The game didn’t go too well overall. We didn’t tackle well either.”


DAHS Junior Madison Braid pointed out, “Well since I could only listen to the game over the radio, I didn’t get the full effect as I usually do. I thought the game went fairly well. If the boys could have played the first half as they did the second, I believe the game could have had a different outcome.”


Was it an enjoyable experience playing out of state?


Gabe French noted, “It was a great atmosphere. I really liked playing there, it was a college like environment.”


Senior LB Justin Sleigh said, “It was a great time to play them and see how they play the ball, see what their stadium and field was like. Just all the different surroundings and I liked it a lot.”


What did the Mohigans bring to the table that you were not expecting?


TJ Troup commented, “They were not any more aggressive then we were. That was definitely the best running back I’ve ever played against, for sure. They came out with an offense we were not prepared for. They played a lot faster than we were ready for; no huddle, right off the bat.”


Austin Gahr pointed out, “We didn’t expect their running game to be that impressive, not even mentioning the running back.”



What is one thing the team would need to work on before playing a team like that again?


Bryson Paulinellie mentioned, “One thing we have to work on is coming together, offense and defense, on both sides of the ball.”


Devin Clark marked, “Defense, being more efficient on offense, and back to defense: wrapping up and making tackles.


Austin Gahr commented, “We would need to work on our wrap and gang tackling.”


Brookville has a 5-1 record going into next week’s game, are they posing a threat?


Gabe French said, “We are not really sure. Judging by the talent they have been playing, they shouldn’t be that good of a team, but we can’t really underestimate them.”


Bryson Paulinellie commented, “I think we are the overall better team. We have better athletes and a better strategy. I think we will come out with the win.”


Devin Clark noted, “No,we are not too worried about them because their schedule is really weak and in the past we have handled Brookville. We are just going to do our business like we always do and come out with a victory,”


DuBois, now 3-3, travels to Brookville to take on  the Raiders at 7:00 on 10/11/13.

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