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Enemy at the Gate: Dubois vs. Karns City

Written by: on Thursday, October 30th, 2014


duboisEJ Mansell is a formidable structure pressed imposingly against the night sky, conjuring up memories of games past. Ifkarns_city you’ve ever walked onto its turf in solitude and stood before the empty stands you are instantly moved by a profound presence that exists. The manifestation of legends past sentimentally warms the heart and excites the mind. This Friday the bright lights will shine like a beacon for the last time for a very talented group of seniors. This is an exceptional group of young men who have already left their mark but now seek the opportunity to pass into legend.

Fate is a curious dance partner providing rare opportunities for dreams and destiny to meet. Friday it has presented the Beavers with a chance to topple perfection and send a clear message to everyone. As darkness falls the temperature will begin to remind us of winter’s approach and with it the commencement of the postseason, but first, one final battle remains. A most excellent band of brothers stands together on the wall and the enemy is at the gate.

Karns City has yet to be challenged in 2014, demoralizing opponents and dominating its conference. The Gremlins are 9 and 0, putting up some serious numbers on offense and completely shutting down opponents on defense. ranks Karns City 6th and they will be heavy favorites coming into Friday’s contest with good reason.

DuBois’ Head Coach Frank Varischetti on the other hand is using his schedule to teach and expand upon a very potent offense. The Beavers continue to take what a team gives them. Think DuBois is a passing team? Devin Clark and Chad O’Donnell are content to chew up large chunks of real-estate on the ground without the risk of passing. On the flip side, stack the box and you’ll discover why Gabe French is the number 1 passer in Pennsylvania. Blitzing seems to have little effect on an experienced offensive line or a veteran wide receiver core that finds green grass quickly under pressure, confident the ball is on its way. Their style gives new meaning to the acronym YAK. The Beaver Express is in the finest sense of the word, a machine.

On the opposite side of the ball Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pasternak has proved to be as adaptable on the fly as Varischetti is on offense. A platoon of linebackers led by Seniors Clark, McKay, Carney are making noise. The trio are joined by a nasty group of underclassmen Shaffer, Bankovich and Russell. The D line sports a dominate group of seniors, among the mix are the Peterson twins, Meighen, Monella, and Zillhaver with sophomore Ryan Pasternak joining the fray. The front eight have formed the Pasternak smack attack making it difficult for opposing offenses to mount an attack. DeSantis, Foley, Kriner and Dawson have been lock down cool in the secondary as teams scramble to keep pace with the Beaver Express. Forcing teams out of their element is the secret to this squad and it is proving to be very effective.

Friday the Beaver seniors will play their final game at Mansell and they are not prepared to go quietly into the night. This is a football team that people will talk about for years to come. Their quality will be known Friday and legends will be born as they welcome in the enemy at the gate. Swami can feel the train picking up speed and this baby is hauling! DuBois 44 Karns City 30.


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One Response to “Enemy at the Gate: Dubois vs. Karns City”

  1. Dave says:

    1.) It’s “YAC” not YAK.

    2.) Dubois is AAAA while KC is AA…how is KC the overwhelming favorite?

    3.) I literally know no one that ever attended Dubois High School.