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Farago’s Football Forcast: State Championships

Written by: on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008


With the roller coasters at Hershey Park as the background for the final four games of this season in the keystone state, it reminds me of exactly what this season has been over the past fifteen weeks. A roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, and unexpected twists and turns. And Just like a roller coaster you never rode before, you never knew what this 2008 season would bring.

 Steel-High is back in single-A to protect their title. A District 12 team is in the double-A final . Thomas Jefferson is back, to try and make it their second straight title. Let’s not forget Bethel Park making their first trip to the finals.

So will the 2008 PIAA State Finals be the greatest ride yet? Will district seven take 3 of the 4 titles, like they did a season ago?  Can Wilmington win ANOTHER overtime game? Will Bill Cherpak (Thomas Jefferson Head Coach) ever buy pair of pants? Well as your waiting in line for this final ride, take a look at my football forecast for one last time.


After Steel-High took last years title over Serra Catholic, many knew that we see the Steam Rollers again. Here we are on finals weekend, and here comes Steel-Highs school bus. That’s right, the Rollers should be the only team that will pulling into Hershey Park Stadium cruising in a school bus. Its not that they can’t pay for it, it more the fact that the ride is only 22 minutes long.

The Clairton Bears are the this years district 7 team in the Rollers way. Farago doesn’t think that Clairton will get rolled over like the Eagles did a season ago. However with Mr. Young leading the way for Steelton-Highspire, Farago thinks that Steel-High will sit atop the Single-A once again.

Steel-High over Clairton


East teams aren’t Farago’s Forete’, however for this rare yet special occasion I can make an exception. Wilmington has won the last two games by a total of 3 points, and the last 3 games by just 10 points with 2 of the 3 going into overtime. Yet it was once said that you sometimes you rather be lucky then good. West Catholic has done the complete and total opposite the last 3 weeks winning the games by a combined 149 points. Farago thinks luck may have got Wilmington here, but luck will not win you State Championships.

West Catholic over Wilmington


You will never guess who made it to the State Finals this year…..

Thomas Jefferson!

Okay, so maybe you could have guessed. The Jaguars make their second stright trip to Hershey, as they look for the second straight title. Bill Cherpak continues to shock and amaze with his Jaguars, as they just keep winning. Instead of giving you stats you’ve heard about 2038339 times about TJ, how about w just get to my pick.

Thomas Jefferson over Archbishop Wood


Two teams that most didn’t have in the title game will end this high school football season. Bethel Park takes on Bethlehem Liberty. Liberty is back at the title game for the 3rd time in the last four seasons, however both past appearances has had Liberty going home as the runner-up to a district 7 team, Farago thinks that will be the case once again.

Bethel Park over Liberty


Check back here on at the end of the season, to check out my final thoughts.

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