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Freedom linebacker Cody Ross Commits to Slippery Rock

Written by: on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018


The trend of players committing early in the coverage area continued last night. Freedom high school linebacker Cody Ross joined 10 other players who decided to end their recruitment to concentrate on their upcoming season by announcing last night via twitter the he will continue his academic and football career at Slippery Rock.

We asked Cody to tell the story of his recruiting process and commitment.

“SRU & the staff have been talking with me since my sophomore year. This was the third year that I’ve been to their camp. They have always been honest and up front with me on what I needed to do to be part of their family. I’ve been invited by them to numerous practices and spring games, been to numerous games. Coach Lutz is outstanding, he has a great staff, the honesty and integrity they showed from the start is what impressed me. They are a winners in everything they do – from top to bottom is 1st class – always made me feel like part of the family atmosphere they have. Coach Razzano and Coach Hull are great men as well as coaches – high intensity the whole way!”


Cody, why did you pick Slippery Rock? “Coach Lutz and his whole staff were the biggest influences in this for me, from top to bottom. Another coach that made a huge impression was coach Conrad.  He always kept the line of communication open over the years. always giving advice. It’s impressive when you got a guy like him who played on Sundays for the Steelers helping you with your game.”

What role did your parents play in your recruiting? “My parents never pushed me one way or the other, they just wanted to make sure I was happy. They let me make my own decisions, but it’s great having parents like I do, especially coming from a coaches family. It’s who we are. The sport has been so good to us.

Cody’s dad Mark is an assistant coach for the Bulldogs and is very happy with his sons decision. “We were up there last night, his mother Susan and I, and during the camp the the Slippery Rock staff put a big circle of offensive linemen around Cody and proceeded with a drill in which Cody pretty much beat every one of them. Cody went into the office afterwards with his mom and I where he notified Head Coach Shawn Lutz that he was accepting the offer given him about a three weeks ago. I extremely happy for Cody, Slippery Rock was a place that was always special to him. They started the recruiting process with him during his sophomore year. That staff is first class. They make everybody feel so welcome.”

What will you bring to “the Rock”? “They are getting a blue collar, high intensity player. A player who plays with a huge chip on his shoulder. I consider myself someone that as a staff they know they are getting a player that is gonna bust his butt everyday in practice, and is going to go 100% at all times. I feel like I reflect the coaching staff there. My goal is to help bring PSAC Championships to Slippery Rock. I want to keep the tradition going of some of the outstanding players they have had there.” His dad agrees. “They’re getting a blue collar kid that will never be outworked. I always tell him you gotta keep that chip on your shoulder and play hard every play. They’re getting a player that will represent Slippery Rock very well. ”

What was the recruiting process like for you? “It’s like a roller coaster, many ups and definitely a lot of downs. But it taught me a lot about people and life. I think it’s matured me. I always heard it’s a business and it really showed it is over the last few months, but I’ve had fun with it. You only go through it once so I’m making sure I enjoy it. Obviously i wanted that D1 offer but I feel many D2 schools can compete with 1AA schools, I just don’t feel like there’s much of a gap.”

Are there any players you’ve molded your game and playing style after? “Like I said earlier I’ve been blessed growing up in a football family. I’ve got to meet so many great players and coaches. As far as someone I’ve modeled my game after it would definitely be Paul Poszluszny, and Luke Keuchley, guys that just bring it every play, that you know what you are going to get with them when they are on the field, they are leaders by example and set the tone for the defense and our stand up guys in the community . They are winners! And that’s how I want people to see me

SRU told me from the start when the time was right they would make the offer, I knew what I had to do on my end – produce on and off the field. And they kept their word. When the time was right they did. They are a highly respectable Coaching staff. Coach Lutz has always made me feel important and that I can be part of the puzzle to help keep the success going at SRU,



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