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2017 Team Previews: Homer-Center Wildcats (6)

Written by: on Thursday, August 17th, 2017


Head Coach: Greg Page

Assistant Coaches:
Gene Raymond,
Mike Arone,
Tony Arone,
Nick Raymond,
Rob Nymick,
Mookie Wilson,
Don Mester,
Dave Cook,
John Cook

Team Name: Homer-Center Wildcats

2016 Record: 11-2

2017 Schedule

Key Starters Lost: Jesse Beacker, QB-FS; Montao Coleman, RB-CB; Gabe Manzanilla, OT-DT; Matt Warr, NG

Offensive Starters Returning:
Jesse Lee, Sr FB, 6-1, 219;
Matt Miles, Sr SB, 5-9, 212;
Tim Alcon, Sr SE, 5-11, 176;
Nick Schmidt, Sr SE, 6-0, 166;
Eric Shirley, Sr OT, 6-2, 247;
Austin Perry, Sr OG, 5-9, 214;
Tyler Dunn, Jr C, 5-8, 216;
TJ Tagliati, Jr OG, 6-1, 252;
Logan Hill, Sr TE, 5-11, 209

Defensive Starters Returning:
Jesse Lee, Sr LB, 6-1, 209;
Tim Alcon, Sr, CB 5-11, 176;
Eric Shirley, Sr DT, 6-2, 247;
Matt Miles, Sr SS, 5-9, 212;
Bassa McCracken, Sr DE, 5-10, 199;
TJ Tagliati, Jr DT, 6-1, 252;
Garrison Kanouff, Sr LB, 6-0, 213;
Logan Hill, Sr DE, 5-11, 209

Special Team Starters Returning: Schmidt, Sr Punt Return and kicker

Key Newcomers: Dakota Sunday, Sr SE-DB, 6-1, 170; Ben Schmidt, Fr QB, 6-0, 165

Key Stats:

2017 Offensive Outlook: We have experience returning on our line and backfield, but inexperience at quarterback. We need consistency and balance on the offensive side to be successful.

2017 Defensive Outlook: We improved on defense as the 2016 season went on. The key this year will be to begin the season with a solid defense and do better statistically than we did last year.

2017 Special Teams Outlook: We must replace our punter and improve our kick off game. We do return our return personnel.

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