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Iron Age

Written by: on Thursday, September 4th, 2014


Week 2 DuBois at Meadville

By the Beaver Swami

The dawning of the third age of man saw nations depart from casts of bronze and step into the billowing fires of the blacksmith. The smith’s hammer would mold new alloys into innovative weapons and tools that would provide soldiers with a tactical advantage on the battlefield. The introduction of steel lightened the load and forged stronger armaments and clothing. These innovations meant that a modern army could cover greater distances in shorter periods of time. Lighter yet hardened, steel permitted the cavalry to integrate their tactics with a more maneuverable infantry, becoming a sledge hammer on the battle field. This speed of tactics would rule the day like a no huddle offense.
Rising like the fires of a blacksmith’s furnace the Beaver Express has developed a tactical advantage over its opponents. Varischetti has both the look and the patients of a blacksmith from the age of iron. He has pounded a group of infantry into hardened steel and has developed a cavalry unit that strikes fear in the lines of his enemy. In the face of the phalanx the opposition stands tall and proud but their thoughts are not on what stands in front of them. Instead they are preoccupied with the threat that lingers just out of site on their flank, or is it to their rear.
Meadville has had time to dig in prior to the arrival of the Beaver Express. A season ago their trench like approach to the game traded blows with DuBois using a potent running attack to answer each of DuBois’ touchdowns. Slowly but steadily the speed of the Beaver offense took the field from the Bulldogs and offensive records fell in the wake.
This season will be different. Meadville still has their ground and pound mentality but a desire to pass also exists in its infancy. An always stout Meadville defense and an improved offense offer a unique challenge for the blacksmith. Challenged to raise the heat a bit, the smith simply pumps the billow and the temperature turns white hot, a color and temperature the Beavers are very comfortable with. The Swami sees all and he sees white once more. The Beavers will take what Meadville gives them and that means a big night for the running game. Eventually the Bulldogs will be forced to creep back into their box and the Beaver Express will turn white hot. As for the DuBois Defense it will continue to improve week by week and the trip north will be evidence of their growth. The Swami likes DuBois in a balanced attack 57-27.

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