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2017 Team Preview: Jefferson Morgan Rockets (7)

Written by: on Friday, July 21st, 2017


Head Coach: Aaron Giorgi

Assistant Coaches:

Dennis Garrett
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Lawless
Tom Davidson
Joe D’Antonio
Bill Phillips

Team Name:

Jefferson Morgan Rockets

2016 Record: 1-9

2017 Schedule

Key Starters Lost:

Joe Headlee

Offensive Starters Returning:

Sr., WR, DL Garrett, 6’1, 160
Sr, RB/WR, Colten Davidson, 5’9, 160
So., DB, Zack Gamble, 5’9, 140
So., OL, Tyler Wilson, 5’10, 280
Jr., OL, Michael Ludrosky, 5’11, 205

Defensive Starters Returning:

Sr., DB, DL Garrett, 6’1, 160
Sr, OLB, Colten Davidson, 5’9, 160
So., DT, Tyler Wilson, 5’10, 280
Jr., DT, Michael Ludrosky, 5’11, 205
So., DB, Zack Gamble, 5’9, 140
JR., OLB, Austin Foreman, 5’8, 155
Jr., DE, Justin Maddich, 6’0, 170

Special Team Starters Returning:

Sr., K, Erik Sullenbarger, 5’9, 155

Key Newcomers:

Sr., WR/DB, Jalen Torres, 5’10, 135
Sr., WR/DB, Josh Clites, 5’7, 150
Sr., WR/LB, Josh Agnew, 5’11, 140
Fr., RB/LB, Jonathan Wolfe, 5’9, 210
Fr., OL/DL, Logan Rhodes, 6’0, 230

Key Stats:

2017 Offensive Outlook: In 2016 we struggled to maintain an identity offensively. This year we feel we have the skill positions players to be competitive. Our offensive success comes down to our offensive line. We have a good group of kids that have a strong work ethic competing for positions on the line.

2017 Defensive Outlook: As a team we need to bring a fight mentality to the defensive side of the ball. We need to play gap sound defense where everyone is held accountable.

2017 Special Teams Outlook: Special needs to work to make a big game changing play each week.


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