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Ligonier Valley Dominates Purchase Line

Written by: on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017


The defensive line matches up against Ligonier Valley’s offense ready for a play (above). “I’ve always played with them, six years, a long time,” said Junior Kaleb Yarger of the seniors on the football team. “We’re a pretty good team together.”

It was another hard Friday night for Purchase Line. The Dragons battled the Ligonier Rams on October 20, 2017. The game ended 58-0 with Ligonier Valley dominating the field and scoreboard.

Senior captains Tyler Kachmarchi and Melvin Sanchez meet with the officials before the game. “Knowing it was the last year putting on pads with people I knew for years made me sad,” said Sanchez of senior night. “I’m glad to have them on my team, and I want to play for them.”

The Rams kicked off to the Dragons to start the night. There was a touchback on the kick. Purchase Line had a hard start to their first offensive round with Senior Shamar Campbell trying to run the ball and being tackled in the backfield. On the next play, Campbell was sacked in the backfield. The Dragons punted the ball to Ligonier Valley. Senior Jackson Daugherty caught the punt. Daugherty ran the ball before being stopped by Campbell. Daugherty ran again, but the Dragons were again able to stop him from getting a first down. Senior Brandon Marsh and Senior Zachary Book were some of Purchase Line’s strongest defensive players; they combined on every Ligonier Valley run to stop it. The Rams were on their fourth down when their Senior Aaron Sheeder was finally able to score. The attempted two-point conversion was no good, but the Rams were still up 6-0. Ligonier Valley kicked off to Purchase Line. Freshman Josh Syster caught the kick and had a decent run before being tackled. Senior David Stephenson then attempted to throw the ball, but the pass was incomplete to Sophomore Jacob Barnett. Campbell then tried to run the ball. Soon, the Dragons had to again punt the ball to the Rams. Sheeder started the Rams’ offense by running the ball. On his first attempt he was stopped by Marsh and Junior Kaleb Yarger. Sheeder ran again and got the Rams a first down before running out of bounds. He ran again and gained even more yards before Campbell and Senior Kurt Haight stopped him. Soon after, Junior Aaron Tutino was able to run the ball for a touchdown. The Dragons were down 12-0 before the conversion and 14-0 after. Purchase Line shortly regained possession. With unsuccessful runs from Seniors Melvin Sanchez and Tyler Kachmarchi and a missed pass from Stephenson, the ball had to be punted back to Ligonier Valley. Sheeder quickly scored for the Rams. Senior Cole Peters then kicked the conversion and upped the score by one to 21-0. The Dragons regained possession, but were unable to do anything before the end of the quarter.

Senior David Stephenson attempts a throw to Sophomore Jacob Barnett.

Campbell started the next quarter by running the ball a few times. Purchase Line had to do something or else they would lose possession. Campbell was able to get a pass to Barnett for a first down. Campbell ran unsuccessfully again before Sanchez threw an interception on the next play. Ligonier Valley then had a short possession. Campbell contributed to the quick turnover by blocking a pass. Soon, the Rams were forced to punt the ball back to the Dragons. Campbell and Sanchez kept trying to run the ball to get first downs, but they were unable to move the ball far enough. Campbell then had to kick to ball to Ligonier Valley. Right away, the Rams scored again. The score was 27-0, but the two-point conversion brought it to 29-0. Sanchez got the kick from Ligonier Valley and had a long run that was stopped by Peters. Kachmarchi and Sanchez then alternated trying to run the ball, but they were unable to gain yards. The Dragons turned the ball over on fourth down. Despite tackles from Barnett, Campbell, and Book, Ligonier Valley’s Senior Brenden Machak scored another touchdown. The score became 35-0. Another 2-point conversion then brought it to 37-0. Purchase Line again had possession. The Dragons, feeling the pressure, seemed to falter. A missed handoff and a missed snap almost gave the Rams another touchdown. Before the end of the quarter, Purchase Line had to kick the ball back to Ligonier. The kick ended the quarter at 37-0.

The Rams were on offense at the start of the third quarter. They immediately ran a 32-yard touchdown to get the score to 43-0. A kicked conversion brought it to 44-0. Ligonier Valley kicked the ball back to Purchase Line. Sanchez, Kachmarchi, and Sophomore Cullen Goncher all pushed hard against the Rams in attempt to run the ball. Finally, the Dragons got a first down. Campbell ran the ball for the next four plays, but was unable to gain any yards. The ball was turned over on fourth down. Right away, Sophomore Kyrie Miller scored a touchdown. The score flicked to 50-0. The Rams then had a conversion and the scoreboard changed to 51-0. Ligonier Valley kicked the ball back to Purchase Line. A few unsuccessful runs made it seem like Purchase Line would again have to return the ball. Suddenly, Syster broke out around the defense for a great run and a first down. The Dragons were unable to run the ball after that, so they tried to pass. The throw, intended for Sophomore Gabe Kitchen was missed and the ball had to be kicked back to Ligonier Valley to end the quarter. The teams headed off into the next quarter with a score of 51-0.

Ligonier Valley took the opportunity of putting in their less experienced players due to their huge lead, and Purchase Line did the same. The Rams started with possession, but the ball was turned over on their fourth down due to no yards being gained. Syster started strong by running and was able to get his team a first down on his second run attempt. Sophomore Kyle Day also tried running the ball, but was unable to get a first down. Despite the Dragons’ efforts, they had a fumble that was recovered by Ligonier Valley. The Rams then scored once again. The scoreboard read 57-0 after the touchdown and 58-0 after the conversion kick. Junior Andrew Kuzemchak kicked the ball back to Purchase Line. Again, Syster had a big run. The quarter ticked away and the Dragons were unable to run or pass the ball to gain yardage. The buzzer that signaled the end of the game went off and the score 58-0 could be read on the scoreboard.

The Dragons suffered a hard defeat, but it was not an awful night for them. Ligonier Valley visited the Dragons on their senior night. Kachmarchi had this to say about the night, “It was a bitter-sweet moment because of the outcome of the game, but overall it was a great experience.”

Head Football Coach Matthew Falisec congratulates Senior Brandon Marsh as part of the senior night recognition. “We are going to be losing some great athletes with this senior class,” said Falisec. “They have a great work ethic and have a passion for winning football games. They are a pleasure to coach.”


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