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Lions deliver Red Dragons second consecutive loss

Written by: on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017


Senior Center Brady Smyers hikes the ball to Senior Quarterback Shamar Campbell. “I feel that we started out the game strong, but slowly started going downhill,” stated Smyers. “We were running, blocking, and tackling good, but towards the end, we couldn’t do anything.”

Purchase Line took United’s field on Friday the 13th, hopeful to pull out a win to make up for their hard loss against Penns Manor the prior week. The final score against the Lions was 33-22 and a victory for United. Purchase Line suffered another defeat despite their efforts.

The night started well for Purchase Line. Senior Melvin Sanchez ran a touchdown very early in the game and made the score 6-0 with no conversion. They kicked the ball to United, but the defense prevented the Lions from gaining ground or points. Then, Purchase Line experienced their own quick offense and had to punt the ball back to United. Thanks to tackles from defensive players like Junior Kaleb Yarger and Sophomore Cullen Goncher, the Lions were unable to score and the Dragons received another punt from them. Senior Shamar Campbell started the offense with a run that was unsuccessful. Campbell ran again, but this time he was able to make it to the end zone and bring the score to 12-0. Sanchez ran the conversion point and the score was 14-0 as the Dragons kicked to the Lions. United immediately tried to run the ball, but Campbell tackled Freshman Hunter Cameron. Sanchez had his own tackle. United seemed to struggle, and on the next play Purchase Line’s Senior Tyler Kachmarchi, Senior Bryce Patterson, and Yarger sacked United’s quarterback, Sophomore Kyle Silk. United gained a few more yards before the quarter ran out with the score at 14-0.

“I feel that our team started out the game strong,” said Freshman Joshua Syster. Syster, who played outside linebacker for the game, added, “Our offense came out big in the first quarter.”

Sophomore Cullen Goncher taken down by Hunter Cameron (20) and Michael Uncapher (32).

Purchase Line gained possession in the second quarter. Sanchez tried to run and gained a few yards. Campbell then tried to throw a pass, but it was incomplete. Campbell was forced to kick on the fourth down. Despite the defense doing their best to keep United from gaining yards, Silk was able to get past Purchase Line and get a huge run. Silk continued to run the ball until United was close enough to score. United did score, but there was no conversion. The score 14-6 seemed to weigh on Purchase Line despite their lead. Campbell started the offense with run after run. A few were decent runs, but eventually the Dragons stopped gaining yards after numerous unsuccessful runs and a missed pass to Sophomore Jacob Barnett. Campbell punted the ball back to the Lions and prepared for defense. Campbell and Senior Zachary Book started the round of defense by running Silk out of bounds so he was unable to gain more yards. Sanchez then does the same to Cameron. Unfortunately, for the Dragons, United is able to score once again with a two-point conversion as well. The teams were tied 14-14. Purchase Line had the ball and started the offense strong. Senior David Stephenson

had a good run off the return. After a few runs and a catch from Goncher, Campbell was able to run for a first down. Purchase Line was very close to the end zone. The Dragons tried to throw passes to score, but none were caught. Then, one was caught, by the Lions. United got an interception in the Purchase Line end zone. This ended the quarter with the score at 14-14.

Purchase Line kicked off to United. Immediately, Silk had a huge run and was barely caught by Campbell. Right after Silk’s gain, Cameron had a touchdown and untied the score. The score was 20-14 before the extra point kick and 21-14 after. Sanchez received United’s kick and had a good run. He and Campbell then made numerous attempts at gaining yards by running. They were unable to gain any yards, and Campbell was forced to punt the ball back to United after almost being sacked. Barnett stepped it up on defense. He first tackled Silk before he could gain many yards. After Purchase Line played some tough defense, Barnett then stopped a pass, forcing the Lions to give the ball back to the Dragons. Purchase Line slowly gained yards with run after run. The third quarter dragged out with their slow progression. Despite being close to the end zone, the Dragons were unable to score. Purchase Line was losing with the score 21-14.

Purchase Line played tough at the start of the fourth quarter. Tackles from players like Book, Yarger, Sanchez, and Patterson kept United from getting another first down. A penalty on the Dragons was what gave United a first down. Soon after, Silk scored another touchdown for the Lions. The conversion kick was no good, but United was still winning with a score of 27-14. Purchase Line seemed to scramble for a bit after United kicked the ball back to them. Sanchez decided to take control. He ran the ball again and again, getting two first downs close together. After Campbell had his own first down, Sanchez ran the ball for a touchdown. The Dragons were still down at 27-20, but the two-point conversion from Campbell helped. The score was 27-22, but the Dragons would soon be down by even more. Stephenson kicked off to the Lions. The defense was able to quickly stop United’s run on the return. Cameron then had a huge breakout run. The Dragons were unable to stop him or the scoreboard from changing to 33-22. Campbell was able to stop the conversion. Purchase Line was once again on offense, but they were unable to do much with the ball. They soon had to punt the ball back to United. Cameron immediately had a huge run. United inched closer to another touchdown, but were unable to score again before the end of the quarter. The clock ran out with a score of 33-22; United took the victory.

“I was super nervous about playing a new position, but Coach (Matthew Falesic)  told me I stepped up and played well. I ran hard and tried to do everything I could to help the team. Unfortunately, United played hard and won the game,” said Sanchez.

Purchase Line recently seems to be struggling, even though they have proved to be a challenge to other teams. The Dragons will need their fans’ support this Friday as they take on Ligonier. It is also Purchase Line’s senior night. The team wants to make it one to remember.

Purchase Line and United line up to end a long, hard fought game.

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