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Written by: on Monday, October 6th, 2008


New Castle, PA- From the fireworks capital of the world, you expect some fireworks from the high school football team every once in a wile, but could anyone ever have called what the New Castle Hurricanes (3-1 – 3-3) have done the last three weeks? They have been knocking off top 5 teams left and right in, Hopewell, West Allegheny, and Montour. 

After Pittsburgh Sports Weekly saw them in 38-14 loss to Blackhawk, the hurricanes have simply not lost. Maybe it’s the Pittsburgh Sports Weekly luck rubbing off and as I continue to trick myself into thinking that’s true, maybe it’s the quarterback and coaches son in Mike Bongivengo who has just been fantastic this season. Last week Mike went 14 of 19 for 383 yards and five touchdowns in the win over last year WPIAL runner-up Montour. 

People are asking can New Castle keep winning? Going off the last three weeks it seems like that’s a near formality at this point with under average programs in Moon, Ambridge, and Mohawk rounding out there season. With only one loss in the Parkway and it not looking like they will lose another, New Castle could end up with the Parkway title after a less then stellar start losing to Butler, Indiana, and Blackhawk. 

Speaking of the Cougars, you would think they have a shot to win the Parkway, that’s still true they have a shot but there loss to West Allegheny who at the time sits atop the conference with a (3-1 – 5-1) record, hurts them more then helps. If it would come down to the Indians and the Hurricanes for the title, tie breaker points would decide who is #1 with both teams being named co-champions.

As for the rest of the Parkway, it seems like five teams are playing for four spots. Last year it seemed that way as well, with Hopewell the team looking from the outside in. If the playoff started this weekend it would be the same case for the Vikings. 

Don’t set anything in stone just yet in this conference, because as the Parkway has proved time and time again, it is one of if not the most diverse conferences in not only triple A, but the entire WPIAL, where any team can beat any team on any given Friday.

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