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Nine and One

Written by: on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014






The Beavers love a nonstop rain. A wet senior night didn’t dampen the spirits of DuBois as they welcomed back two key components of the Beaver Express. Guard Robert Zillhaver and all time leading receiver Bryson Paulinellie returned to the lineup lifting the spirits of the team as they faced undefeated and sixth ranked Karns City.
The rain placed a large emphasis on the battle in the trenches and Zillhaver’s addition to that war made handling the Beaver bigs a handful. On the offensive side of the ball Joe Peterson, Robert Zillhaver, Ryan Pasternak, and Dom Foradora had little difficulty picking up blitzes or opening up holes for French to run through. The pouring rain made snapping the ball for Branson Luther a real challenge but one he handled beautifully. On the opposite side of the ball the line’s pressure created problems for the Gremlins tricky running game all night forcing mistakes and even blocking a punt when giant Brad Peterson got his paw on the ball resulting in a Beaver touchdown.
DuBois Head Coach Frank Varischetti showed that his squad can win a lot of different ways. Varischetti dialed up a heavy dose of Gabe French for the Gremlins as he ran his horse for a career high 247 yards and one touchdown on 30 carries. French accounted for an unheard of 577 yards of total offense. In another twist Karns City had difficulty matching up with Devin Clark out of the backfield resulting in 99 yards and two touchdowns receiving. Despite a Gremlin defense that tried cover two and cover three formations French’s deep ball still found Dante Dawson on a 50 yard touchdown pass. The duo of Kriner and Foley also had big nights adding to the team’s 330 yards through the air.
In a seesaw game that found DuBois down by ten late in the third the Beaver Defense answered the call pulling the plug on the gremlin offense and placing the ball in French’s hands. The Beavers never quit and Gabe handled the Gremlin defense like a true champion running when the linebackers dropped into coverage and hitting a talented group of receivers when they rushed. When the lights when out on Mansell Stadium the Beavers were on top 35-31 and Karns City was one win shy of an undefeated season as the Beaver faithful chanted nine and one, nine and one.

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  1. Whatever says:

    Swami, its amazing you forgot to mention the team the Beav’s were playing are AA. The Beav’s are AAAA. Beav’s enrollment 562. KC 213. Beav’s coach made a statement earlier. “oh the enrollment numbers are pretty close”. The Beav’s were behind most of the game. KC lost another key player for the second half. And you did not mention KC had 45% of their starting lineup out of the game. The way I see it the best team did not win. Ward don’t be so hard on the Beaver. Don’t worry about me being hard on the Beav, wait until district 7 gets a hold of them. Sincerely Lumpy Rutherford