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PA High School Football will Stay at 4 Classifications

Written by: on Friday, July 24th, 2009


MECHANICSBURG, PA- If its not broke, why fix it? That is the question that could not be answered, as the PIAA Board of Control voted to continue to have just 4 classifications in PA High School Football.

This morning the board voted 15-13 against making 6 classes in in football, starting in 2010. The proposal would have Only effected football.  However, many were against the 2 class addition and the deduction of one week of play,  including the WPIAL who went as far as saying they would considering pulling out of the PIAA if the proposal had passed.

The Board based its decision on the PIAA Strategic planning committee who voted against the same proposal 11-5 last night, and 12-4 to keep the four class step-up along with the 16-week season. The members of the PIAA Strategic Planning Committee also sit on the board of control.

So all is well in the world of Pennsyvlania High School Football, the PIAA will remain with 4 classes in football and everyone can still enjoy the 16-week season. This might not be the last time the 6 Classifications proposal, but it won’t come up until 2011 at the earliest.

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