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Penn Trafford Dominates McKeesport

Written by: on Sunday, September 14th, 2014


This was a surprising result Penn Trafford made this win look easy. McKeesport started with the ball at their own 37 yard line. The Warriors defense stopped them and the Tigers punted it away. Penn Trafford started with the ball at their own 15 yard line. Austin the next 2 plays got to the 24 yard line. Later in the drive Penn Trafford had third and 10 and Brett Laffoon scrambles for 12 yards. Eventually the Warriors would get into Tigers territory and on 4th and 1 got McKeesport to jump offsides and got a first down and put it at the Tigers 31 yard line. And after that Brett Laffoon hits Tim Vecchio for a 31 yard touchdown making it 7-0 Warriors with 3:05 in the first quarter. On the next drive McKeesport kept on running the ball and the quarter would end when they got to the Penn Trafford 45 yard line.

The second quarter starts and the Tigers are faced with 4th and 1, they end up going for it and Khaleke Hudson picks it up, running it down to the 36. Ultimately the drive would keep going down into the red zone but a big holding call stalled the drive and they couldn’t pick it up on 4th and 18. Penn Trafford gets the ball at their own 24 yard line. On this drive the Warriors ran often getting out to their own 40. Later in the drive the Warriors got a lucky play when a pass was deflected and caught by Jake Bruno and that play got them down to the Tigers 31, on the next play Laffoon hits Vecchio again for a second 31 yard touchdown. The score was now 14-0 Penn Trafford with 4:05 left before the half. McKeesport started their next drive at their own 31 yard line. Hudson got an 8 yard run and a huge tackle was made, if it wasn’t he would’ve been gone. Eventually this drive would end up failing, when the Tigers pitched the ball and couldn’t pick it up and they would end up punting and Penn Trafford would run out the clock to get it to halftime with the score 14-0 Warriors.

The Third Quarter started and the Warriors get the ball, and this was a long clock eating drive that started at their own 28. They would convert on a pass play on a 3rd and 3. A hold on the drive brought it back to the 34. They are faced with a 3rd and 5 and Laffoon finds a receiver which gets it to the Tigers 43 yard line. Once again the Warriors are faced with 3rd down and Laffoon hits Vecchio for a first down at the Tigers 24. Next Time the Tigers came up big on 3rd down when they sacked Laffoon for a 7 yard loss, they would end up going for it throwing into the end zone but great coverage was made and it failed. This drive took up 8:37 in the 3rd, and that was huge considering they were up 2 scores. McKeesport would start a drive and Hudson had a few carries out to their own 45. The Tigers were faced with a 3rd and 7 and a beautiful play call was made they faked a pitch and the Quarterback rolls out and hits Khaleke Hudson and the Tigers are now at the Penn Trafford 38. A pass was almost complete but a better hit and it fell incomplete and that was the end of 3.

McKeesport looked to continue the drive but they were forced to punt. Penn Trafford started at their own 8. On the first few plays the Warriors ran and all of sudden Brett Laffoon throws it deep and ends up complete once again the catch was made by Tim Vecchio that got them down to the Tigers 17, it was a 67 yard play. Eventually the Warriors found the end zone once again to make it 21-0 Penn Trafford with 6:29 left. On the next drive Tigers were faced with a 4th and 3, they run it to Hudson and they can’t covert and the Warriors have it in Tigers territory. Devin Austin broke a 15 yard run, the Warriors would keep on running and eventually Devin Austin gets in from 8 yards out to put the cherry on the cake. It was now 28-0 with 1:29 left. The clock would end up being used up on the next drive and the Warriors win 28-0. Laffoon had a big day nearly passing for 200 yards and Tim Vecchio had 5 catches for close to 150 yards. Devin Austin also played a big role in the win also. The Warriors defense turned out great and they held Khaleke Hudson to under 50 yards which is impressive considering he averaged 291 coming into the game. The Warriors looked very impressive in this game and showed they can contend for the title.

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