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Prep Wins First Playoff Game Against University Prep, Faces TJ next

Written by: on Monday, November 20th, 2017


In Prep’s first game of the post season, the Ramblers were able University Prep (USO) by a margin of 56 points. Prep scored 28 of these points in the first quarter, followed by 14 in the second quarter and 14 in the final quarter. While University Prep did show athleticism and heart, they were outmatched by Cathedral Prep’s talent and discipline.

On the first drive, Joe Mischler was able to score on the third play by throwing to Terry Roberts for a 66 yard touchdown at 11:07 left in the 1st quarter. The Ramblers scored their next points off of a fumble recovery. On 3rd and 8, USO was right at their end zone when they attempted to run the ball. However, the Ramblers were able to force a fumble on running back Dorian Jackson, resulting CP’s linebacker Joseph Campbell picking up the fumbled ball and walking it into the end zone for a touchdown at 9:06.

On the Rambler’s 2nd drive, running back Billy Lucas shined, giving Prep their third touchdown off of a running play. After Anthony Lupo’s extra point kick, Prep was up 21-0 with 6:25 left in the first quarter. On Prep’s third drive of the game, they continued to dominate. Using varying pass and run plays throughout this drive, Mischler capped it off by throwing a 25 yard touchdown pass to Tyler Oedekoven with 2:10 left in the 1st Quarter.

For the second quarter, Cathedral Prep continued to dominate the offensive and defensive side of the field. Although the Ramblers came up short on their fourth drive, they made up for it on the defensive end when defensive back Luke Sittinger intercepted a pass and took it to the house on a pick six for 31 yards. Because of this highlight play and the extra point by Lupo, Prep was up 35-0 with 7:54 left in the first half.

After the  interception by Cathedral Prep, University Prep attempted to redeem themselves on their sixth drive. For the first time in the game, it seemed USO had momentum. Running back Sy Alli ran for 15 yards on the first hand off of the drive, who then ran for another 16 yards after a successful pass for nine yards by William Kenneth-Pipkins. Finally, USO had made it passed the 50 yard line and as in Rambler territory. However, their success from earlier in the drive didn’t carry over because Prep’s defense was able to hold them at the 41 yard line. With nothing to lose, USO attempted to throw on fourth down at the 41 yard line, but it was intercepted by Terry Roberts at the 13 yard line.


On the Ramblers’ fifth drive, Joe Mischler performed exceptionally well. After multiple passes and a run by himself, Prep was at USO’s 32 yard line. Mischler ended this drive amazingly by throwing a perfect 32 yard bomb to Roberts, giving Prep a commanding 41-0 lead in the second quarter. With 2:15 left in the half and an extra point kicked by Lupo, Prep was ahead by 42 points. Hungry for more, CP continued this momentum on the defensive end. After Anthony Lupo intercepted a pass, the Ramblers had little time to get more points. Mischler threw once to Terry who was able to take the ball to the 49 yard line, then he threw another bomb to Tyler Oedekoven who was brought down around the 13 yard line. Unfortunately, the Ramblers just missed their opportunity to score because of the half ending after the catch by Oedekoven.

During the 3rd quarter, neither Prep team could score. In the fourth quarter however, Cathedral Prep was able to get more points even with a running clock and some of their backups in the game. CP’s junior players made big plays during the 8th drive. To start, junior receiver Alex Baldi caught a pass for 14 yards that was thrown by senior Nick Wisinski. Wisinski then ran for 5 yards after a six yard run by RB Jimmy Colvin. Now at the 10 yard line and in scoring distance, CP decided to go with a quick pass to Skyler Neely. Although Neely was smothered by two defenders, he was able to shake them off and run into the end zone for a touchdown. After the extra point kick with 9:26 left in the game, CP was ahead 49-0.

University Prep tried to muster up something to give them points, but their efforts were unfortunately trounced by Cathedral Prep’s defense. After multiple stops, Prep put the nail in the coffin after sacking USO’s quarterback all the way into their 15 yard line, putting the team in a 4th and 17 situation. Instead of making an attempt to get some form of points on the board at fourth down, USO punted the ball. The punt landed at Prep’s 45 yard line, where the Ramblers would start their final drive. University Prep actually played phenomenal defense on this drive, eventually forcing the Ramblers into a 3rd and 22 predicament. However, their defense collapsed when junior tight end Jimmy Colvin caught a pass from Nick Wisinski and ran the ball all the way to the 4 yard line, barreling threw multiple defenders in the process. Following this amazing run, Colvin then took the ball on the following drive to rush for a touchdown. After the extra point at 1:32, the Ramblers were ahead by 56 points. USO attempted to score quickly on their last drive, but they were only able to commit two plays before the game was over.

Although University Prep showed a valiant effort, they were ultimately outmatched by the Ramblers. The size difference of the players in this game was quite noticeable, which unfortunately led to multiple injuries on USO’s side. University Prep finished below average this season with a record of 4-7, while the Ramblers continue the post season with a record of 11-0. On November 24, Prep will be playing against Thomas Jefferson at Veterans Stadium in Erie. TJ is ranked 2nd in the state, so Prep will have their hands full facing this opponent once again in the playoffs.

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