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Purchase Line bows out of playoffs, as does our intern Sadie Jobe

Written by: on Friday, November 17th, 2017



Senior Captains David Stephenson, Tyler Kachmarchi, Melvin Sanchez and Shamar Campbell walk to the 50-yard line for their last coin toss as Red Dragon football players before their playoff game against the Homer Center Wildcats.

The cold Friday night of November 10, 2017 was the last time Purchase Line football fans would see the team play this season, and the last time they would see the seniors play. Purchase Line played Homer Center in their second round of District 6 playoffs and were defeated 41-0. It was a disappointment to their fans and the team, but what they accomplished should be celebrated. The team fought hard this season to make it into playoffs; it was the first time Purchase Line’s football team has made it to playoffs in nine years. The Dragons are proud of their team, and although they will miss the seniors, they look forward to seeing the underclassmen do great things as well.

The game started off rough for the Purchase Line Dragons. Right away, the Homer Center Wildcats had a long pass and a touchdown. The extra kick brought the score to 7-0. Purchase Line then had possession, but quickly lost it after unsuccessful runs and a missed pass. Senior Shamar Campbell then kicked the ball to Homer Center. The kick went almost straight up in the air, so it did not push the Wildcats backfield much. Seniors Tyler Kachmarchi and Melvin Sanchez did their best on defense to keep Homer Center out of the end zone. Senior Bryce Patterson also did well on defense by stopping Senior Jesse Lee’s good run. Then, the Wildcats’ Senior Bassa McCracken ran the ball to the two-yard line before Senior Kurt Haight tackled him. The Dragons pushed hard, but Lee was able to run the ball for a short touchdown, making the score 13-0. The kicked conversion then brought it to 14-0. Neither team was able to score again before the end of the quarter.

Senior Dakota Sunday started the second quarter by intercepting a pass from Campbell to Sophomore Jacob Barnett. Purchase Line’s defense came back to make up for the mistake. Sanchez caused an incomplete pass, Senior Lucas Syster had great tackles, and Senior Brady Smyers stopped another run from McCracken. The Dragons then had an interception. It seemed that the game would turn around for them. Campbell started the offense with an 11-yard run and a first down. There was then a fumble that Sanchez was luckily able to recover. Unfortunately for the Dragons, they were unable to gain any more yards, and the ball was turned over on downs. Despite another hard tackle from Syster, the Wildcats’ Senior Matt Miles was able to make a 34-yard run before being stopped. Miles then had a touchdown, lengthening Homer Center’s lead to 20-0. The attempted kick for a one-point conversion point was missed. Purchase Line was given the ball back. Campbell began the possession by almost throwing an interception. Sophomore Cullen Goncher caught a pass from Campbell to gain the Dragons some yardage. Purchase Line was one yard away from a touchdown, but Campbell threw an interception to Senior Tim Alcon. Homer Center regained possession, but it was short lived because of missed passes from Freshman Ben Schmidt. Purchase Line received Homer Center’s kick, and also had a short possession. The Dragons punted the ball back to the Wildcats to end the second quarter with a score of 20-0.

Purchase Line started the second half by kicking off to Homer Center. Purchase Line played tough defense. Senior Brandon Marsh had a few hard tackles. Syster then stopped Schmidt from gaining more than a first down. Marsh then stopped another run from McCracken. Barnett got in on the action and stopped a run from Lee. Despite a five-yard penalty on Homer Center, Senior Nick Schmidt made it into the end zone. The score was then 26-0, but a pass from Lee to Senior Tim Alcon gave the team the score 28-0. Purchase Line regained possession, but on the first play, Campbell missed the snap and McCracken jumped on the ball. Fans of the Wildcats then cheered as they immediately scored again. The conversion kick was missed, but Homer Center was still up 34-0. Syster tried to make a move by running the ball after Purchase Line received the kick from Homer Center, but was tackled by Miles. On the next play, Miles caught an interception off of Campbell’s pass. Miles, running off of the excitement from the interception, brought the ball to the three yard line, then the one yard line. Junior Quinn Scalese was a big force keeping Miles and the rest of the Wildcats out of the end zone. Then McCracken, determined to score, pushed past Scalese and the rest of the Dragons and into the end zone. The score was then 40-0, but the kicked conversion brought it to 41-0. Homer Center punted the ball back to Purchase Line. Senior David Stephenson attempted to gain ground, but he was stopped by Sunday. The quarter then ended 41-0.

The Dragons started their last quarter by running the ball. Campbell ran hard before being tackled by Junior TJ Tagliati. Kachmarchi also ran before Freshman Travis Mock brought him down. Purchase Line was forced to turn the ball over on downs when Campbell was unable to throw a pass. The Dragons were determined to get the ball back. On the Wildcats’ first play, the Dragons swatted the ball out of a Wildcat’s hands. It looked bleak for Purchase Line, but they were determined to come off the field fighting. Freshman Josh Syster had an 11-yard run, but a penalty left the team without any gains. Then Sophomore Kyle Day had his own hard push on a run. Freshman Isaac Huey attempted a pass, but it was incomplete. Homer Center was given the ball back, but they immediately had a fumble that Senior Stanley Straw was able to grab. Josh Syster ran on the next two plays and got the ball to the five yard line. Despite the team’s hard work, the clock ran out with a score of 41-0.

The last game of Purchase Line’s season may not have ended the way the fans and team wanted, but their season should be celebrated. For the first time in nine years, the Dragons made an appearance in District 6 playoffs. It was no easy task for the players or the coaches, but it was accomplished thanks to the hard work from the team and the coaches’ direction. Some of the team’s seniors had their own things to say about the season. Lucas Syster said, “It was very fun and great. It is terrible that it came to an end.”

Haight said, “It was a great season, the best in nine years.”

“This season was my best of my high school career. I am very glad I was able to play with such amazing teammates and coaches this season,” said Kachmarchi.

Purchase Line and the football fans wish all the seniors good luck on their futures.

Homer Center defeated Purchase Line to advance in the District 6 playoffs, ending the season for PL football players and their fans.


Sadie Jobe is a student at Purchase Line High School and never wrote about high school football before this year. It’s been our pleasure watching this young journalist grow and grow each week. Her articles and writing style have improved 10 fold since game one. We at thank you, Sadie, for taking us on this ride!  All of Sadies articles can be found HERE


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