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Purchase Line dampens Northern Cambria Homecoming with 20-6 win

Written by: on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017



Purchase Line at Northern Cambria

Juniors Kaleb Yarger (71) and Quinn Scalese (62) play on the defensive line. Yarger, who played both sides of the line against Northern Cambria, said, “Quinn and I stuffed the middle” on defense.

Northern Cambria’s homecoming was a rainy one, but the weather was not on their minds. Purchase Line was there, determined to take their 5-1 record to 6-1. Everyone had their own bets on how the game would turn out. People did agree that the game would be a battle, no matter what the outcome. And a battle it was with the Dragons taking the win 20-6.

The night started with Northern Cambria kicking the ball to Purchase Line. Senior Melvin Sanchez was able to pick up the ball and run a few yards before being tackled by Senior Xzavier Jackson. Senior Shamar Campbell then had a fumble that Purchase Line was able to pick up before a tackle came from Junior Henry Dumm. Campbell then had another fumble that Northern Cambria recovered. The Dragon’s defense took over, determined to redeem Purchase Line’s position in the game. Northern Cambria’s Junior Mark Marino tried to run the ball, but was tackled by Campbell and Senior Lucas Syster. It was a hard takedown. Their tackle gave way to other defense members getting their own tackles. Syster, Junior Quinn Scalese, and Senior Brandon Marsh were also able to make tackles before the Colts kicked the ball back to the Dragons. Campbell was then able to make a huge run and score the first touchdown of the night, changing the scoreboard to 6-0. Syster then ran the ball for the two-point conversion and the Dragons were up 8-0. After Purchase Line kicked to Northern Cambria, Senior Tyler Kachmarchi started his successful night by tackling Sophomore Adam Kopera. The rest of Purchase Line’s defense successfully shut down Northern Cambria’s next few plays. Players like Junior Kaleb Yarger, Sophomore Kyle Day, and Seniors Kurt Haight, Zachary Book, and David Stephenson forced the Colts to kick on the fourth down. The rest of the quarter consisted of Purchase Line and Northern Cambria switching between defense and offense, both unable to do anything more with the ball.

Senior Lucas Syster stepped in to play quarterback during the Red Dragons’ win over Northern Cambria, and gathers his team before a play. “It was cool,” said Syster about playing that position. “I was afraid I was going to drop the snap.”

Feelings of frustration ran high on both sides of the field at the start of the second quarter. There was concern of altercations occurring because of the high emotions. Purchase Line started the quarter on offense, but quickly lost possession for inability to move the ball down the field. The Dragons sent their tough defense onto the field. The defense had a few tackles, and then the Colts dropped the ball and followed that with a missed pass. Then Book and Sophomore Cullen Goncher sacked Northern Cambria’s quarterback, Marino. Purchase Line’s offense returned to the field. Campbell ran the ball on the first few plays but was unable to get far. Syster also tried to run the ball and had the same result. A penalty was also called on the Dragons for holding; a loss of ten yards was the result. Campbell finally attempted to throw a pass in desperation, but it was missed and a turn over on downs occurred. Purchase Line’s defense had a few tackles and Sanchez was able to cause Senior Frankie Jones to miss a pass. After Senior Bryce Patterson had another tackle, the ball was given back to Purchase Line. Syster started the offense by pushing through a wall of the Colts’ defense. His play was followed by a run by Campbell and a pass caught by Sophomore Jacob Barnett. Stephenson then had his own far run. Purchase Line closed in on the end zone. Syster and Stephenson attempted to throw passes but they were both missed. Stephenson then ran the ball and, thankfully, gained yards. He then spiked the ball on the ground to stop the clock. Sanchez and Stephenson both tried to run on the next two plays, but both were unsuccessful and the second quarter ended 8-0 once again.

Purchase Line kicked to Northern Cambria to start the third quarter. The kick was short, but Kachmarchi and Syster were quick to stop the run. The two kept up their great defense and managed to keep the Colts from gaining too many yards. Then Northern Cambria got a pass to Junior Ben Vasil. Vasil had a decent run before being tackled by Patterson. Marsh and Patterson continually beat down the Colts’ defense. Then Goncher and Syster got a sack on Northern Cambria. Northern Cambria had no choice but to kick the ball back to the Dragons. The kick went out of bounds. Purchase Line’s offense came out ready to compete. After Syster repeatedly made small advances down the field with help from Campbell, Purchase Line faked a punt and Campbell gained yards off of it. Campbell and Syster ended the third quarter with run after run. They were unable to score and the third quarter ended 8-0.

Senior running back Melvin Sanchez talks to Senior Manager Cody Adams on the sideline of the Northern Cambria game. “I thought they would’ve come out and showed us different things, but our line played really well,” said Sanchez of the matchup with the Colts. “We played tough football.”

Syster came back onto the field determined to make a run work. He was successful and scored for Purchase Line, bringing the score to 14-0. Campbell missed the extra point kick and the score stayed 14-0. Purchase Line kicked to Northern Cambria, giving the Colts possession. Sophomore Rj Spears got to the ball first and started to run before Freshman Bruce Simmons and Sophomore Charles Schmittle tackled him. The Colts then had an incomplete pass. Kachmarchi was able to get a sack on the Colts and Campbell followed that play with an interception. The Dragon fans felt the momentum pick up. Syster ran over and over for the Dragons’ offense. Syster gained some yards, but then Purchase Line was in danger of losing the ball from not being able to gain any yards. Finally, Stephenson pushed and got the Dragons a first down. Syster followed Stephenson and was able to do the same for Purchase Line. The score then changed to 20-0 after Syster was able to run the ball into the end zone. There was no conversion, so the score remained 20-0 as Purchase Line kicked to Northern Cambria. The Colts started their possession rough by first having a fumble, then a missed toss, and finally losing the ball to an interception by Barnett who ran a few yards. Northern Cambria quickly regained possession after Purchase Line could not move the ball down the field. After Barnett was able to stop a run from Junior Logan Onkst and a sack, the Colts fought back and Vasil got a touchdown. The conversion was no good and the score was 20-6. Northern Cambria kicked to Purchase Line and Stephenson returned the ball. The Dragons then took a knee to run the clock out and ended the game 20-6.

Purchase Line ended another Friday night with another win. The Dragons and their fans are excited for the season so far and for what will come. Everyone at Purchase Line is proud of the successful, tough team and their 6-1 record. Purchase Line will host Penns Manor next week while the Colts travel to Marion Center.



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