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Purchase Line gets back to winning heading into the playoffs

Written by: on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017


The Red Dragons’ offensive line begins their drive against the Shade Panthers with Senior Brady Smyers ready for the snap and Sophomore Jacob Barnett (12) in position. “”It makes me happy that we are going to playoffs,” said Barnett. The Dragons will host a rematch against the United Lions November 3 in the District 6 playoffs.

Purchase Line was finally able to give their fans another win with their game against Shade High School for their out-of conference game. The Dragons celebrated the final score of 54-40, and are able to look forward to their first playoff game next week with a win behind them.

Senior running back Melvin Sanchez (23) awaits the start of the play. “I’m thrilled about going to playoffs. I think we can go far,” stated Sanchez.

The game started with Senior Bryce Patterson kicking off to Sophomore Dallas Miller who was quickly stopped. Shade started with an attempt at a pass, but the pass was missed. Sophomore Kyle Day covered the pass. After Junior Brady Fyfe tried to run for Shade and was stopped by Patterson, Sophomore Cullen Goncher, and Freshman Josh Syster, the Panthers began to struggle. A loss of yards because of delay of game and another missed pass caused Shade to punt the ball to Purchase Line. After catching the kick and getting a decent run, Senior Melvin Sanchez then maneuvered around Shade’s defense for a first down. Senior Shamar Campbell then ran the ball on the next two plays, gaining the Dragons another first down on his second attempt. Sanchez then took over on a handoff and pushed through Shade’s defense into the end zone. Sanchez changed the score to 6-0, and then to 8-0 with his two-point conversion run. The Panthers were determined not to roll over, and fought the Dragon’s defense hard. At first it did not look good for Shade, but a penalty on Purchase Line for defensive holding gave them another chance. Two passes to Junior Austin Mauger brought Shade closer to their end zone. Fyfe was then able to run a three-yard touchdown for the Panthers and up the score to 6-8. A conversion tied the score at 8-8. Sophomore Jacob Barnett got the kick from Shade. Purchase Line was determined to reestablish their lead. Campbell and Sanchez did this by running the ball, gaining yards every time. Finally, Campbell quite literally dove into the end zone to make the score 14-8. Sanchez attempted to follow Campbell with a two-point conversion, but was unsuccessful. The Panthers had possession, but quickly lost it because of the Dragons’ strong defense. Senior Lucas Syster, Senior Kurt Haight, and Senior Stanley straw all helped to quickly force Shade to punt the ball back to Purchase Line. On the second down, Campbell had a huge, 90-yard run and a touchdown. Campbell’s touchdown made the score 20-8, and Sanchez’s two-point conversion made it 22-8. The quarter ended with Shade inching closer to their end zone through long passes and a score of 22-8.

After tackles from Josh Syster, Senior Zachary Book, and Senior Brady Smyers, Shade looked like they would be forced to punt the ball back to the Dragons. However, a pass to Sophomore Tyler Valine on the fourth down got the Panthers a first down. Then, Junior Matt Addleman made it to the end zone. The score went up to 22-14 and 22-16 after the conversion. The Dragons were still ahead, but it seemed important that they worked hard to lengthen their lead. Runs from Campbell, Sanchez, and Goncher moved the team down the field. Campbell then busted through Shade’s defense for another touchdown. Senior Tyler Kachmarchi was able to catch a pass from Campbell to score the two-point conversion and make the score 30-16. Shade made quick movements down the field, and soon Sophomore Tyler Valine changed to score to 22-30. The conversion was also made. Addleman kicked to the Dragons with the score at 30-24. The game was already close, but then Shade had an interception on Purchase Line. Soon after, they scored again to tie the score 30-30. Another made conversion brought the Panthers ahead at 32-30. The Dragons were determined to regain their lead. Campbell and Sanchez continually attempted to gain yards through running. Then, a pass to Barnett brought Purchase Line a few yards away from another touchdown. Sanchez had his own catch and pushed into the end zone. The Dragons were up at 36-32. Campbell lengthened their lead with the conversion and a score of 38-32. Purchase Line’s defense was able to contain Shade’s offense for the rest of the quarter.

Shade started the third by kicking to Purchase Line. Sanchez caught the kick and had a good run with it. After having a few small gains, Sanchez broke out for a run and scored another touchdown. He brought the score to 44-32, and Campbell brought it to 46-32 with a two-point conversion run. Patterson kicked the ball back to Shade. The game started to intensify, with both teams so determined to win. The Panthers worked the ball down the field by throwing the ball more than running it. Despite tackles from Sophomore Kyle Day and Barnett, Shade was able to score again. The score rose to 44-38, and then to 44-40 thanks to a two-point conversion. Purchase Line was still ahead, but they knew they would need to score again to maintain their lead. Campbell, Josh Syster, and Sanchez all worked hard to move the ball farther down the field. Campbell brought the ball close to the end zone off of a long run, and it looked like the Dragons would score again. The clock ran out before they were able to score again with a score of 46-40.

The fourth quarter started rough for the Dragons. Campbell threw an interception that was caught by Sophomore Tyler Valine. Valine was stopped by Lucas Syster. Luckily, some of the Dragons stepped up to prevent the Panthers from scoring again. Goncher had a tackle and Barnett forced a Shade player out of bounds. Campbell and Sanchez followed their lead with each almost having an interception. Shade was forced to punt the ball back to Purchase Line. Campbell started the offense by running the ball. On his third run, Campbell scored a touchdown. He changed the score to 52-40 and the two-point conversion made it 54-40. The game ended after a hard fight from Shade’s offense and a lot of determination from Purchase Line’s defense. Neither teams scored again, so the game ended 54-40 with a win for the Dragons.

Purchase Line will take on United for their first playoff game this week. The Dragons suffered a loss from the Lions in their game against them in the regular season. With winning against United being necessary to advance further into playoffs, Purchase Line plans to play their hardest. The team’s excitement for playoffs is evident. “I am glad that our hard work has paid off with going to playoffs,” said Senior Kurt Haight.

Head Coach Matthew Falisec gathers his team during the game. Sophomore Giovanni Scott commented, “Playoffs was one of our goals.”


Purchase Line Head Coach Matt Falisec is also ready to go to playoffs. “We are very excited to be heading into the playoffs for the first time in nine years. Nothing is more exciting than playoffs in football,” Falisec stated.

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