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Purchase Line ready for opportunity to play in District 6 playoffs

Written by: on Thursday, November 9th, 2017


The Purchase Line Red Dragons fought hard throughout their season. Their hard work got them into district six playoffs. Some of the football players are calling it their “road to redemption” because the first team they played was The United Lions. The Dragons lost their game against the Lions in the regular season. However, Purchase Line defeated United at 43-22 and will now advance into their second round of playoffs. The team the Dragons will take on this Friday is the Homer Center Wildcats. Purchase Line lost to Homer Center in their regular season game against them. The team and their fans in red want another redemption win along with advancing further into playoffs.

Senior Melvin Sanchez said these words to rally fans, “We need a lot of support. Just seeing the stands packed gets us fired up.” To the team, he said this, “We need to bring everything we have in order to beat Homer Center.”

“Playoffs are very different. The game will be interesting,” said Senior Lucas Syster.

Senior Tyler Kachmarchi also seemed excited about their second round of playoffs and said, “Being in the playoffs is an exciting experience. Tomorrow will be a very good game and I am anxious to see what we can do.”

If you are a Red Dragon supporter, the team appreciates your support and will need it again on Friday night.

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