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Rams roll over Raiders

Written by: on Saturday, October 6th, 2018


By Lily Wichert

The Penns Valley Rams took on the Bellefonte Red Raiders in last night’s game, finishing the game with a 42-27 win. Both teams brought their strongest efforts to the field, but in the end, the Rams battled out with a victory.

Rams quarterback Aaron Tobias added the first points to the scoreboard with a 10-yard rushing touchdown. Shortly afterwards, Tobias threw a 30-yard pass to wide receiver Austin Fisher for another touchdown. Tobias then passed the ball to tight end Logan Snyder for a 2 point conversion. The Rams added their last points of the quarter with an 82-yard pass from Tobias to running back Ryan Ripka for another touchdown; kicker Gage Ripka tacked on the PAT. Bellefonte quarterback Kyle Myers ran it in for a 3-yard touchdown, with the extra point added by kicker Chris Persiko. Penns Valley led at the end of the first quarter 21-7.

Tobias started off the second quarter with a 70-yard touchdown pass completed to Fisher for a touchdown; the PAT by Ripka was good. A 5-yard rush by Bellefonte’s running back C.J. Funk ignited the Raider’s offense; Funk ran for a 51-yard touchdown, with the extra point added by Persiko. Tobias hurdled into the endzone for a 1-yard touchdown, and Ripka tacked on the extra point. Funk continued to be an offensive weapon, and ran for a 7-yard touchdown. Persiko then added the extra point. Myers threw a 17-yard pass to wide receiver Trae Bauman towards the end of the second quarter, who then went in for a touchdown. This would be Bellefonte’s final points of the game. Penns Valley extended their lead 35-27.

Both teams held each other scoreless in the third quarter. During the final quarter, Tobias threw a 20-yard pass completed to Snyder, who went in for a touchdown. Ripka tacked on the PAT. The Rams held the rest of the game under their control, and finished with a 42-27 win.

Penns Valley quarterback Aaron Tobias had many impressive players throughout the game, and thanks his team for being by his side.

“I’ve got to give credit to my line,” Tobias said. “They’re amazing, I love every single one of them. They do a fantastic job.”

Tobias recognizes the adversities both teams faced in last night’s game, and how the Rams were able to overcome them.

“We prepared all week through practice, we knew it was going to be a hard game,” Tobias said. “They’re a tough opponent- they always have been.”

Head coach Martin Tobias also recognizes the hard work his team put into last night’s game.

“It was a total team effort, I’m really proud of our players, their effort, and the fact that they came prepared to play an outstanding bellefonte football team,” Coach Tobias said.

The Rams will prepare to take Bishop Carroll next Friday, October 12th at Penns Valley High School at 7 p.m.

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