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Run Game Looking to Be a Feature in Wash High-California Matchup

Written by: on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019


California sings the Alma Mater following their first win against Beth Center in 40 years.  

Week 4 was kind in different ways to both California and Washington High School. For the Prexies, a big 2nd quarter led to a 44-7 trouncing against a tough Brownsville Falcons team. For the California Trojans however, it was the opposite. Cal went into a matchup against Laurel last week, hoping for a hard fought, close, out of conference matchup, and they got it. Despite some 1st quarter struggles, the Trojans battled back in the second half, and despite not scoring any points, looked to have their offense back at a strong pace. 

Looking ahead for California, it doesn’t get any easier. The Trojans will travel to Washington to play a 2A championship contender in Wash High. The Prexies haven’t skipped a beat in the first half of the season. No team so far in the year has even kept the score marginally close with the high powered Prexies offense. Granted against some weaker opponents, Wash High has averaged. 48 ppg while holding their opponents to just above two touchdowns. 

Amari Miller makes a pretty catch in the endzone to extend the Prexies’ lead against Brownsville

If California has dreams of pulling an upset card this weekend, they will have to stop the toughest defensive line in 2A. Liberty Commit Chase Mitchell anchors a defensive line that will create havoc all night along with Gerald Comedy and Zakhi Marshall, which will also be D1-D2 caliber players following the year. Fortunately for the Trojans their offensive line will be the toughest the Prexies have faces as of yet, with 5 returning starters. Featuring names like Colin Tyhonas, Sam Thomas, Nathan Geletei, and Mason Watkins, California will have to hold back the Prexies in order to generate yards and control momentum if they want to pull the upset. 

Everyone knows about the bevy of weapons at Prexies’ QB Zack Swartz’ disposal. Zahmere Robinson is a true talent and will have to have star corner Cochise Ryan’s full attention throughout the game. Dylan Asbury, if healthy, will add another dimension not seen in the Brownsville matchup. Amari Miller and Isaiah Edwards are nice pieces that will also contribute. Even with all the weapons heralded by Wash High, California should not be taken for granted. The Trojans hold one of the strongest backfields in the WPIAL as well, with Cochise Ryan at QB, Workhorse Lucas Qualk, Jaeden Zusak, and Domani Stafford in the slot. The Trojans will have to utilize all 4 of them to control the clock in this matchup. 

Lucas Qualk takes a pitch in the final minute into the endzone to end a thriller win against Beth Center

Spread: Wash High by 23

Prediction: Washington 38 California 21

Despite a strong offense, I don’t believe that the California defense will be able to stop the Prexies’ offense enough to give them a real shot at the win. If California wants to push themselves across that bar, they would have to control the ball enough that their steady pace would outweigh the Washington explosiveness. The difficulty when creating that type of pace will be running the ball. The Prexies have such a dynamite defensive line that controlling the pace of the game will be next to impossible.

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