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State College 4th quarter surge leads them past Chambersburg (Mark Helbley gallery) @CASDAthletics @SCoachLintal

Written by: on Saturday, September 21st, 2019


Aiden Spitler opened the scoring with this 38 yard field goal

State College Area High School may have faced their toughest opponent yet this year in Chambersburg High School. But State High would win 27-17. Both teams began the game struggling. Until State High broke off with a short drive that lead to an Aiden Spitler Field Goal. Soon after the field goal a long timeout was taken to address the fact that half of the lights had not been turned on. Chambersburg would go 3 and out and would shank a punt to State High. Brady Dorner coughed up the ball on the second offensive play of that drive giving it back to Chambersburg on States 33, The Trojans would go on to kick a field goal of thier own to tie the score at 3.

After a handful of unproductive drives from both teams,  Brady Dorner would complete multiple long passes to tight end Nathan Lusk. Brady would score with his legs making it 10-3 with 8:56 left in the 3rd.

Chambersburg responded minutes later with an outside run where the entire offensive line pushed the running back forward to make the score 10-10 with 3:34 remaining in the 3rd. State high would run out the third quarter, and to begin the fourth quarter Brady tried to toss one for touchdown but all would fall a touch short, eaving it to Aiden Spitler’s reliable leg making the score 13-10 with 10:42 left in the fourth.

Chambersburg began to drive once again, but that was stopped by Isaiah Edwards as he plucked the ball from the grasps of the wide receiver. This set up State on the 40. During this drive Brady threw a 40 yard td pass to Edwards making the score 20-10. On the ensuing drive, Chambersburg made it to their own 38 before Dresyn Green got an interception of his own. Edwards made the most of his opportunity at running back when he took an inside dive to the outside to score once again.

When the State High’s defense returned to the field it was predominately the JV 1st team. The Chambersburg first team offense had no problem passing on the younger corners. This led to a big touchdown by the Chambersburg Tight End. When Brady Dorner was asked about how he and his team mates adjusted to the game he said “The coaches saw what they were doing on defense and we really focused on that, and tried to do whatever we could”.

State College travels to CD East next Friday while Chambersburg has Cumberland Valley.

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