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State College freshmen defeat Bellefonte

Written by: on Tuesday, September 18th, 2018


BY Melina Weaver

On 9/11/18, State College and Bellefonte freshmen football teams faced off at Memorial field.  The undefeated State College freshmen beat Bellefonte with an incredible score of 38-20.

In the first quarter of the game, Bellefonte kicked everything off nicely with Blair Eckley Jones, number 22, from Bellefonte, with the first down catch, and Jacob Hummel, 26, with a first down. Soon after, State College retaliate, and number 6 scored State College their first touchdown.

State College stopped Bellefonte fourth and eighth on their first drive. Calvin Roan, number 36, for State College ran an outstanding 36 yards to pass to 16, who scored their second touchdown, and number 5 won them a two point conversion.

As the second quarter started, Jamal Sanders, 15, came in with the first down, and was tackled, causing him to limp off to the sidelines. The unity in the stadium was insane, as everyone knelt in silence. Luckily, 15 was fine, and had no damage done.

State College number 16 then scored another touchdown, just barely into the second quarter. Number 8 scored them a two point conversion.

State College 43 ran a 15 yard run, and then scored another touchdown. And with this, the second quarter ended.

After the intermission, quarter three started off with a pass from Bellefonte’s Nick Way, number 2, to Nolan Weaver, 41, for their first down.

As the third quarter rounded off, Bellefonte looked hopeful as Nick Way, number 2, scored them their very first touchdown. Unfortunately, they did not score a two point conversion.

The last quarter started off smoothly with Calvin Roan, number 36 for State College, running a full eight yard run. Almost immediately afterwards, both Nick Way, and Ty Cronin, number 14 went down, and went out of the game.

Calvin Roan got the last touchdown for State college, running an amazing 77 yards to score.

For the last touchdown of the game, with minutes left to spare, Bellefonte’s Jacob Hummel won the last touchdown of the game, with a run of 62 yards.

The end result was State College 38-20 Bellefonte.

One of the biggest fans in the crowd, Tori Reichert, was proud of her classmates. She was constantly cheering on her friends, and congratulated them all in the end.

This was also one of both teams first glimpses at high school football.

Players from both teams are excited to participate in new teams. State College and Bellefonte freshmen shared their thoughts about their most recent game, and about getting ready to go into high school football.

“We kind of let up on defense on the second half,” Owen Perry, number 12, and lineback for State College said.

“I think we should do better on the outside runs, and how to contain it, as well as not being beat off the ball,” Greg Dreyer, number 25, and lineback for State College said.

Patrick McDermott, the head coach of the Bellefonte team, was very proud of how his team performed.

“I think it was kind of the cliche of two halves, first half went rough, we had some mental errors, and I think at times we were a little wide-eyed, then in the second half, we made some adjustments and we did wh

at we’re used to doing. We did what this group of kids does. We started moving the ball. But overall, I think we did pretty well,” Patrick McDermott said.

“On both sides of the ball, both teams were playing really hard,” Jon Clark, coach for State College said.

“In the game of football, you need multiple guys, not just one guy so we need to make sure we get a little more solid on our depth,” Jon Clark said.

“It’s a great opportunity to play and to get ready for the next level,” Reese Redman, number 3 said. His teammates agree, and want to play for as long as possible.

“I feel pretty confident and prepared for high school football,” Jacob Hummel, number 26 said.

“[I am really looking forward to] having the older players there to teach me, and showing what I can do at that level of football,” Dylan McCloskey, number 56, and left tackle and defensive end for Bellefonte said.

The freshman for Bellefonte were excited when asked about how far they planned to take football in the future.

“[I want to take football] as far as I can go,” Jacob Hummel said.

“I definitely want to continue through high school and any opportunity after that, I feel like I would take,” Dylan McCloskey said.

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