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State College Shreds Hollidaysburg Tigers 49-22

Written by: on Saturday, September 8th, 2018


State College rolled into Hollidaysburg on Friday, hot after a gritty win in New Jersey the week prior. The Lions scored early and often; Tommy Friberg and Isaiah Edwards starting off their nights with two unanswered touchdown runs during 9+ play drives. Hollidaysburg would score a touchdown on the following drive to get some points on the board, but soon after, State College would begin their night of dominance. Three interceptions and a fumble would lead to State College scoring 35 unanswered points in the 2nd and 3rd quarter that effectively ended Hollidaysburg hopes of starting the season 3-0, finishing the game at 49-22.

Tommy Friberg entered the game averaging 121.5 yards a game and eclipsed that at 166 yards, earning a 148.9 quarterback rating. Jaden Seider played the second half of the final quarter and had a ten yard pass as well. Hollidaysburg quarterback, Brady Walters, had two passing touchdowns as well as a nine-yard rushing touchdown. Walters had ten completions on the night as Hollidaysburg only threw the ball 13 times with two interceptions.

In the running game, Isaiah Edwards had two touchdowns on the night, as well as 56 rushing yards. Tommy Friberg led the team in rushing yards with 74. A 34-14 lead was quickly turned into a greater Hollidaysburg deficit in the mid-3rd when slotback Dresyn Green took a kick return back 100 yards for a touchdown. Hollidaysburg running backs Hunter Barr and Nathan Fisher took the majority of the rushes for the Tigers and were able to sustain drives for the Tigers early in the second quarter and late in the 3rd quarter.

Keaton Ellis was a playmaker throughout as a well-placed Friberg pass and an amazing jump and grab by the Penn State Commit would give the Lions a 13 point lead in the mid 2nd quarter. Brady Dorner was a threat as well, giving himself 67 receiving yards on 5 receptions. The offensive line was able to create gaps in the defense all night and was devastating on run-pass options especially.

On the defensive side of the ball, State College made up for team captain Titus Thompson’s absence by subbing in twin Jereme Thompson, Nathan Lusk and even Kevin Kurzinger. Kurzinger netted two sacks while linebackers Tyson Brennan and Collin Hulburt netted sacks on key third downs. On the bright side for Hollidaysburg, the Tigers experienced offensive line were able to hold back the deep Lions’ D-line for much of the night, but the Lions secondary filled in the gaps. Tyson Brennan, Keaton Ellis and Sammy Knipe each had interceptions on the night. The pick by Brennan basically ending the first half following a long injury break. The inexperienced Hollidaysburg defense struggled to create penetration and were not able to cover the Lions’ spread offense. On special teams, Cam Renfrew was strong for State College, having three touchbacks on kickoffs


Synopsis: State College flexed their offensive prowess in this blowout. The plethora of weapons in Lintal’s arsenal was too much too handle for the Hollidaysburg defense as players like Friberg, Ellis and Edwards showed a three-dimensional rushing and passing attack. For State High, the game plan is simple. Run it down the middle with Edwards and if that doesn’t work, run an RPO with Friberg. If running the ball gets repetitive, throw the ball to an instant mismatch between Keaton Ellis and whoever is covering him. On the defensive side, power running continues to be an issue for State High, and when faced with a more talented and multi-dimensional rushing attack, State High could struggle. As for Hollidaysburg, the offense played admirably, but the defense was just outmatched.

What’s Next?: State College will return home against an undefeated Carlisle Thundering Herd while Hollidaysburg will stay home and face the Cedar Cliff Colts coming off of a blowout loss against Harrisburg.

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