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State High doubles Erie McDowell on a snowy night @SCoachLintal @mcdathletics

Written by: on Saturday, November 9th, 2019


Friday November 8th State College Area High School began there playoff run after a bye-week last week. State High did exactly what they had wanted to in this first playoff game by beating McDowell 42-21.

State High would receive the ball to begin the game and after an Isaiah Edwards return to the McDowell 47. State high was primed to march down the field and score. They did exactly that, after multiple small plays helping towards the end zone at McDowell’s 21. Brady Dorner would lob a pass over a Defensive back, Isaiah Edwards came down with it in the end zone. After a good PAT from Aiden Spitler  the game was 7-0 State with 10:46 remaining in the first Quarter. After multiple punts where exchanged State high got the ball on their own 32 yard line, State would chip their way down the field. Brady would find slot recover Lokey Howell to set State to Score from the twelve with little to no time left in the first Quarter. But on a Dresyn Green dive he would cough up a fumble which was promptly picked up by McDowell on their own 5 which would end the first quarter.

McDowell would make a few small plays to advance down field before they had a fumble of their own, recovered by States Kevin Kurzinger on the McDowell 30, State was not be able to get anything going that drive returning the ball to McDowell. McDowell then marched down the field all the way to States 13 yard line, until they once again fumbled the ball back to State High, were Sam Knipe recovers the ball and has an 80+ yard return to the McDowell 10. That set up the offense to effortlessly run straight up the middle with Dresyn Green from the 10 for a State High touchdown, with a kick from Spitler it was 14-0 State with 5:30 remaining in the second quarter.

In a gutsy move after the touchdown State High would run an onside kick, which they managed to recover on McDowells 46. State slowly moved towards the end zone mostly relying on the legs of Dresyn Green. From the 6 yard line Dresyn would take a sweep play straight into the end zone. After another Kick from Spitler State was up 21-0 with 1:48 remaining in the half.

At Halftime the snow picked up from an occasional flake to a constant but calm snow to start the second half. McDowell got the ball to start the half and capitalized on it, marching down and scoring on a 36 yard pass with a good PAT the game was now 21-7 with 9:15 left in the 3rd quarter. Once State got the ball back they went to work putting together a small drive. Till Dresyn Green took a sweep and ran 58 yards for a touchdown making multiple guys miss him on the way in. With a good Spitler kick it was 28-7 with 6 minutes remaining in the third quarter. The snow would continue to get heavier and fast. McDowell then had a solid drive put together, until their QB tossed one up and straight to Dresyn Green. This pick set State up on the McDowell 43. State Collected a small drive to the 9 yard line were 3rd running back Nehemiah Howell got his chance and took a hand off in for another State high Touchdown. After the Kick it was 35-7 with 5:07 remaining in the 3rd.

This is when the sky opened and the snow didn’t stop, the snow was coming down so much that it was accumulating onto players helmets and shoulder pads while playing. Additionally it was beginning to cake the field making there be little to no traction. But none of that bothered McDowell as they score on  a 24 yard pass after a short drive to State Highs territory. After a PAT it was 35-14 State. State got the ball on there own 42 and after just two plays Nehemiah Howell takes a hand off 57 yards for a touchdown and with the kick it made it 42-14 in heavy snow. With States Second team defense in McDowell made there way down field scoring and making the extra point making it 42-21, which would be the final score of the night.

Looking into next week, State High will play Delaware Valley in a neutral site game. Both of these teams want this to be the year they make it to Hershey. It should be a hard fought game and hopefully, a little warmer.


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