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The Beaver Swami Sayz: Playoffs, Round 1

Written by: on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016


Round 1…


David vs Goliath appears to be the theme of the week for the tree shredders, and father time will be the deciding factor; time for routes to develop. History has shown that Goliath can be defeated with two ingredients – heart and desire. It will take both as the underdog Beavers head south to take on the Trojans of Greater Johnstown. The “experts” have all but written off our Beavers and are foretelling the next round without our furry warriors as participants. Some teams choose an easier regular season path to the playoffs, we choose tough opponents as does Johnstown. This week, the Swami will not guess at the score, rather he will simply say, “go get ‘em boys, leave it all on the field!”

And finally boys, remember this and sports writers take note:



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