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Wash High Staves Off California 46-20

Written by: on Saturday, September 21st, 2019


Going into Week 5, both Washington and California had reason to feel good about themselves. The Prexies, had dominated every opponent they had faced thus far, and we’re coming off their biggest opponent in Brownsville. The Trojans faced the Laurel Spartans, the number one team in Pennsylvania in 1A, and played admirably before the game ended due to weather, leaving a lackluster score the final in a game the Trojans believed they would do well in.
During the 1st quarter, both teams traded scores and the Trojans looked like they were in it for the long haul. Cochise Ryan had the Prexies defensive line on the move early, and a pass to Jaeden Zusak put the Trojans tied late in the 1st quarter. The Prexies run game was strong on thier opening drive, with Michael Allen taking the brunt of the carries, however Quarterback, Zack Swartz, would soon take over the game.

Taking advantage of a discrepancy between the versatile blockers on the Washington line versus the California defense, the Washington Prexies gameplan was simple, spread out the field against the undermanned Trojans and have them running around the field all day. The game plan worked to perfection as Zack Swartz had 3 touchdowns on the ground and was able to distract the dogged California LBs the entire game.

Despite the Trojans inefficiency on defense, the offense was able to take advantage of inconsistent Wash High kickoffs and penalties to start out with good field position and extend drives. To start out the second half, the Trojans were able to convert an interception into 6 points to pull within a score, however, Wash High would respond with another Zack Swartz TD, which would lead the Prexies to eventually put the game away later.

Takeaways: Wash High’s defensive line is the real deal, California, a strong 1A contender, struggled to keep the Prexies out of the backfield, and led the Trojans to change their gameplan and throw more than they were used to. California had some stand out weapons excel though, and should be a real threat to West Greene in the Tri-County South. Jaeden Zusak and Damani Stafford have improved exponentially since Week 1 and should continue to do so. Cochise Ryan still needs to work on passing, especially on the run. Wash High will need to utilize the run game more against teams willing to load the box against them, and getting Dylan Asbury back as soon as possible should help that.

What’s Next?: Wash High will play a struggling Frazier Commodores at home to start off the second half, while California will return home against a Jefferson-Morgan team hot off a two-game winning streak.

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