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Washington Prexies defeat the Freedom Bulldogs ending the Bulldogs’ season.

Written by: on Saturday, November 4th, 2017


With the Washington defense dominating the Bulldogs’ offense, it was hard for the Bulldogs to get down the field. The Washington offense on the other hand was able to get through Freedom’s defense as they put up 42 points. They final score of this game was Washington 42 and Freedom 9.

With Freedom receiving first, they got the ball to start the game. A pass thrown to the right was missed by Freedom, but it was called a backwards pass. Washington picked up the ball and ran it down inside Freedom’s 5-yard line. After bring out their offense, it didn’t take long for Washington to get a touchdown and the extra point.

Freedom got the ball back and were immediately shut down again. They were forced to punt the ball to Washington being pinned on their 1-yard line. Washington’s Dan Walker received the punt and returned it all the way into the end zone. After the extra point, Washington was leading Freedom by 14 points.

Washington went on to score two more touchdowns after making their way down inside Freedom’s 5-yard line. The two teams went into halftime with a score of 28-0.

Freedom received the ball for the second half. They made their way all the way to Washington’s 40-yard line. Freedom looked for a pass attempted but the pass was intercepted and taken all the down field for a Prexies touchdown.

Freedom made their way down the again but couldn’t find the end zone. Freedom brought out their kicker Carson Gilarno who made a 31-yard field goal to get Freedom on the board.

Washington got down inside Freedom’s 10-yard line trying to score one more time. They did as they ran the ball into the end zone scoring once again. They made the extra point bringing the score of the game to 42-3.

Freedom got stopped once again and punted the ball away. Washington on their first play of the drive fumbled the ball and Freedom recovered it setting them up around the 25-yard line.

Freedom got down inside Washington’s 5-yard line. Cole Beck threw to Noah Yeck inside the end zone getting the Bulldogs’ their first touchdown of the night. The extra point was missed leaving the score at Washington 42 and Freedom 9.

With 19 seconds left in the game, Washington received the kick and took a knee. The clock ran down and that was the end of the game.

This game was the end of the Bulldogs’ season as they are eliminated from the playoffs. Washington will carry on into the second round of the WPIAL playoffs.

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