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Wildcats continue their rolling momentum by stopping scrappy Colts

Written by: on Monday, September 30th, 2019


Two tough teams pitted against each other, and the ultimate question arises: which will prevail? On Friday, it was a pure battle of strength and tenacity. Brute strength only gets you so far, however, and that’s where you have to switch the strategy, switch to something else, and that worked for the Wildcats.

The offense, captained by junior quarterback Ben Schmidt, released a dotting number upon the Northern Cambria Colts, with Schmidt posting up 153 passing yards, along with three touchdowns, two to senior receiver Cobe Daugherty and one to junior receiver Drew Kochman. Schmidt and Prasko, the backup quarterback for the Colts, each threw an interception a piece, and Schmidt connected on thirteen passes of nineteen. Prasko threw only two completions against eight total passes, but made up for it with nearly one-hundred rushing yards and a touchdown. The Colts, however, displayed a talented running game, helmed by running backs Gavin Dumm and Adam Kapara, along with Owen Prasko at quarterback. While the quick, precise throwing of Schmidt, and the dangerous offense of the Wildcats, the real interesting aspect of the game was the defense. Each team rallied behind powerful interior defenses, which resulted in several plays with loss in yards for both teams.

The Colts’ linemen were fast and powerful, and were quick off the ball. The Wildcats were quick and sneaky, and would evade the linemen and crash the backfield. The defensive backs on the Colts were less impressive, but corner Adam Kapara caught an interception. The defense was the main mood-setter for both teams, and it lead down to who could defend the other team better, and who could wrap up and finish. The Wildcats prevailed, and are continuing the momentum.

“It’s always a battle against Northern, and they always put up a fight,” said quarterback Ben Schmidt. “They always have a big, tough line, and we knew we had to take advantages where we saw them. We also have very skilled linebackers and interior, and they made some big, great stops.”

“Defensively, we knew we had to step up,” added head coach Greg Page, “and they run the ball very effectively, and they brought a lot of pressure defensively, too. It was a battle. They crowded the box, so we decided to take it in the air.”

Next week, the Wildcats, now 5-1, face off the speedy Saltsburg Trojans, which is lead by junior quarterback Josh Gibbons. Gibbons, a great athlete, is pushing the team with great momentum, featuring a dangerous passing game, along with Gibbon’s shifty speed. The Trojans have four wins to two losses, and are looking to keep the momentum going with their lightning-fast offense. Both teams look to continue forward in the approaching playoff race, and will bring out all their weapons in a showdown.

“We got to be able to play total field defense on this team,” Page said, “and it’s not just Gibbons we need to worry about. They have lots of weapons to use, and they do a good job spreading the ball around, so we have to watch out for that. It’s going to be a great game.”

For the Colts, 2-4, will play the Blairsville Bobcats, which are 1-5. The Bobcats are a young team, which feature many young but talented athletes. The game will be in Blairsville.

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