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WPA Fundraiser to help the families of Hayden Hamilton and Caleb Leone @LHMustangs ‏@shoresports2

Written by: on Wednesday, September 26th, 2018


click to enter store wants to help. Our store is now open and the shirts are here. With every sale, we are donating $2 to help the families of Hayden Hamilton from Laurel High School and Caleb Leone of Jersey Shore High School.


Hayden was injured on August 31 and has a spinal injury to his neck. He was admitted to the hospital but has since been discharged and moved to a rehab facility. “This past 

Saturday, Hayden was moved to a nearby facility where he has just completed his first week of rehabilitation. It is hard work but Hayden is certainly up to the task. Please continue to pray for him and the facility staff as there are many weeks of work ahead as he gains more mobility. Please also keep the Hamilton family in your prayers as their lives are set on a new path supporting Hayden on his Road to Recovery.THANK YOU ALL for your financial gifts and prayers!”

Caleb was injured in a collision with a teammate before the season began. The collision left Caleb in a coma. The following was released on the 24th:
Alright I know everyone has been asking and giving us so much support so we wanted to give a little update. I appreciate your patience updates are not easy for me as this is an up and down roller coaster. Caleb is making progress he is starting to have more periods of alertness he is not yet considered out of a coma because as his brain continues to repair itself he goes in and out but we think soon! Also this weekend he began capping trials on his trach and he is rocking it so hopefully they can remove it tomorrow! He does sometimes respond to some commands it’s not consistent but it’s progress. The swelling is finally starting to come down 🙏 Awake or not he goes through about 4 hours of therapy a day and he is showing some positive signs. We still have a long road but the prayers are working and he is showing some amazing strength from all of your support. We can not thank our community and surrounding communities and states enough.”

Our fundraiser will continue through the end of the year. 

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